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Will Egypt Ban the Streaming of Ramadan Series on YouTube?

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Will Egypt Ban the Streaming of Ramadan Series on YouTube?
written by
Cairo 360

Ramadan calls for gatherings, and by gatherings, we mean bonding over Ramadan TV series. The one thing that all Egyptians have in common is the temptation and urge to watch every single series out there. However, there are so many, it’s impossible to watch all of your favourites on TV, so we always find ourselves googling the episodes to make our lives easier.

We believe that there are two types of people; ones who watch the shows on television and spend two hours watching a thirty-five-minute episode (due to lengthy and frequent advertisements), and the online watchers. The latter group have increased in numbers. This is because YouTube is a real time saver, as it lacks the sheer amount of insanely lengthy adverts.

Unluckily for us, this Ramadan we won’t be able to watch our favourite Ramadan series on YouTube anymore. It has been announced that Egypt has banned Ramadan series from YouTube, so that means we will have to find another substitute that can provide us with all the daily episodes. Accordingly, it has been stated that 15 series will be made available for online streaming, via an application called Watch iT. Subscription is set at 99 EGP/month.

If you want to skip the daunting process of watching Ramadan’s TV series on television, make sure you download the app (available on iOS and Android).