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Here Is How the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir Is Celebrating Ramadan

Here Is How the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir Is Celebrating Ramadan

The Cairo 360 Editors' Choice Awards 2018: Arts & Culture Award Winners

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It’s rather painful to imagine Cairo without these arts and culture hubs.

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International Band to Hit Umm Kulthum Museum With a Live Performance

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Don't miss this wildly different performance.

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Hiba Tawaji to Perform in Cairo for the Very First Time!

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It doesn't get any better.

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Cairo Opera House to Host a Special Seminar on Women’s Mental Health

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We hope to see more of these seminars.

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Ahmed Darwish

Il Divino Pizzeria Definitely the best pizza in town

mahmoud.el ansary

Al Jinani Its in down town near tahrir square :) and i am going on just to fill in the…

Mohamed Mansour

Nevada belaaal there is the best . actually i wish he owned the place , very confident plesant person…

Injy Ahmed

Arkan Mall I have been there once, It was not to many spaces to go but was okay. Quite area…

Mahamad El Tanahy

Dos Cañas Love this place. Great view, fresh air and the food is very good. Worth a visit - just…

Here’s How Egypt Is Celebrating World Heritage Day

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Are you as excited as we are?

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Mazaher Ensemble: Zar Music Straight from Upper Egypt

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Authentic and captivating tunes.

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Luxor to Get Its Very Own "Comprehensive Art Centre"

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We can't wait to see how all this turns out.

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Om Kalthoum Is the Muse Behind This International Artist’s Latest Exhibition

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Who doesn't love her songs?

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Struggle and Heroism in Tonight’s Magnolia Screening of "The Breadwinner"

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A young girl becomes a hero.

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