The Definitive Guide to Living in the Capital , Cairo , Egypt

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Cairo East Just Got Itself a Brand New Residential & Recreational Hub

Cairo East Just Got Itself a Brand New Residential & Recreational Hub

Egyptian Women Are World Champions, and Not Just at Sports

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Stay strong and stay you!

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Cairo Weekend Guide: Soul M, Mohammed Antar, Fouad & Mounib and More...

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The city brims with a spectrum of events.

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Smart Summer Hacks: DIY ACs to Keep You Cool

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The scorching heat is no match for these hacks.

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Careem Captains Are Taking Over Sahel!

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This season Careem is partnering with various spots.

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A Total Lunar Eclipse Is Happening Tomorrow, and We Have the Best Viewing Place for You

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Tomorrow, Cairenes have the chance to enjoy a higher level of stargazing with a total…

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Cairo Weekend Guide: Hany Must, Gawdat, El Hadra & More...

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How glorious it feels to know that in a matter of hours the weekend begins!

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#CouldItBeCairo: A Cairene Coastal Community

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Why give up everything, when you can have it all?

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Shaw7ha Matetlobhash Teaches Expats & Singles to Cook Their Own Delicious Meals

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If you live alone, or an expat, you need to woman/man up and learn how…

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Cairo Weekend Guide: Code Masr, Crash Boom Bang, Nour Project & More...

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Cairo, as always, has a lot to offer during the weekend.

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Moustapha El-Arabi

Suicide Squad The most nice sound tracks choices.. About movie it was to much stars with very poo story and…

Esraa Emam

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The Nile Ritz-Carlton The hotel, the staff, the food, the view, all in all perfect place for any occasion.

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Nadya Hassan

One Oak للأسف الشديد جدا جدا ...انا بجد مش مصدق ان احنا وصلنا لهذه المرحلة في الخدمة في التجمع الحقيقية…

Waseem El Tanahi

Virgin Megastore Nothing quite beats Virgin for fun knick knacks and stocking fillers. Good for gadgets and books too.

mahmoud.el ansary

Al Jinani Its in down town near tahrir square :) and i am going on just to fill in the…

This Egyptian Initiative Shows Us the Hidden Beauty of Cairo

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Cairo comprises various cultural influences that peek out from the smallest of details, waiting for…

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Ain Shams University Team Wins Award in the International Formula Student Competition

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The first African and Middle Eastern team to do so!

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Everything You Need to Know About Cairo’s Massive Relocation Plans

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We hope that this transition is executed with attention to detail.

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ClubLiko: Clean Family Fun in Sheikh Zayed

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It’s pretty much a whole city on its own.

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Cairo Weekend Guide: Kitched Crowd, Glass Onion, Strawberry Swing & More...

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Cairo is brimming with various cool events.

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