The Definitive Guide to Living in the Capital , Cairo , Egypt

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Open Air Venues for the Perfect Eid Al-Adha Outing

Open Air Venues for the Perfect Eid Al-Adha Outing

Head to These Parks & Gardens If You Are Staying in Cairo This Eid

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As usual, Cairo is brimming with places to go and things to do.

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26 July Street Closes for a Year

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Take note of this on your next commute.

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Cairo Weekend Guide: DJ Armen V, Poet Hesham El Gakh & More...

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As usual, Cairo offers an endless list of events.

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These Initiatives Are All About Beautifying Cairo

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How hopeful are you of a better Cairo?

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Cairo East Just Got Itself a Brand New Residential & Recreational Hub

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Can this be your new home?

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Egyptian Women Are World Champions, and Not Just at Sports

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Stay strong and stay you!

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Cairo Weekend Guide: Soul M, Mohammed Antar, Fouad & Mounib and More...

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The city brims with a spectrum of events.

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Smart Summer Hacks: DIY ACs to Keep You Cool

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The scorching heat is no match for these hacks.

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Careem Captains Are Taking Over Sahel!

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This season Careem is partnering with various spots.

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User reviews


Ganoub I have to say that Ganoub studio is the best and most professional studio in town

Waseem El Tanahi

Casper & Gambini’s Nice step up from the usual mall food in Egypt but guys 90% of your restaurant is smoking…


Mirai not the best sushi or food you can have. portions are not enough .at end my coffee was…

فلامنكو كافيه – Flamenco Café لأعشاق الهدوء مكان جميل وهادىء لتناول الافطار

Waseem.El Tanahi

Sequoia The best lounge in Cairo bar none. A must see for visitors for a piece of what living…

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Waseem El Tanahi

Mezcal: New Age Peruvian & Mexican Cuisine in Zamalek Tried it and loved it. Everything from the decor, atmosphere and food is fantastic. It's always great to…

A Total Lunar Eclipse Is Happening Tomorrow, and We Have the Best Viewing Place for You

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Tomorrow, Cairenes have the chance to enjoy a higher level of stargazing with a total…

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Cairo Weekend Guide: Hany Must, Gawdat, El Hadra & More...

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How glorious it feels to know that in a matter of hours the weekend begins!

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#CouldItBeCairo: A Cairene Coastal Community

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Why give up everything, when you can have it all?

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Shaw7ha Matetlobhash Teaches Expats & Singles to Cook Their Own Delicious Meals

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If you live alone, or an expat, you need to woman/man up and learn how…

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Cairo Weekend Guide: Code Masr, Crash Boom Bang, Nour Project & More...

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Cairo, as always, has a lot to offer during the weekend.

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