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Cairo Weekend Guide: Dora the Explorer, Arab Music Fest & More

Cairo Weekend Guide: Dora the Explorer, Arab Music Fest & More

Cairo 360 Weekend Guide: Halloween Parties, Omar Khayyam Festival & Magic

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Hello Cairo! With Eid over and everyone feeling a little anti-climactic, the month of October…

Cairo Weekend Guide: Eid Mubarak!

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Hello Cairo!Finally, our favourite holiday of the year has arrived! Eid El Adha usually sees…

Cairo Weekend Guide: Lots of Live Jazz, Hallowen Starts Early & More!

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Hello Cairo!We’re counting the days down till the long Eid holiday, but in the meantime,…

Cairo Weekend Guide: Artbeat Festival, TransDance 2012 & Live Music

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Hello Cairo! You will have noticed that our weekend guide always celebrates the weekend rather…

Cairo Weekend Guide: 5th Panorama of European Film, CirCairo & TransDance 2012

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Hello Cairo!There’s nothing quite like that feeling of casually checking the date and realising that…

Cairo Weekend Guide: Live Music, Book Signing & New Art

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Hello Cairo!The weather is cooling down, the academic year has begun and weekends are starting…

Cairo Weekend Guide: Black Lips, Chilean Culture Week & Peace One Day

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Hello Cairo!It’s that time of week again that we at Cairo 360 love so much,…

Nawaya: Permaculture and Rooftop Gardening in Cairo

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Green consciousness in Cairo is easily summed up in a classic game of hot potato:…

Cairo Weekend Guide: Live Music, Open-Mic & New Art

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Hello Cairo!Does anyone else feel like we’re regressing? 2012 was meant to be a landmark…

Cairo Weekend Guide: Live Music, Film Screenings & Stand-Up Comedy

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Hello Cairo!Every week, as we sit down to assemble the essential piece of literature that…

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اسم على الورق: عفوًا.. لقد نفذ الرصيد اسجل اعجابي بالنقد الفني المبني علي فهم وحس فني وتذوق واعي … .. الموزع الموسيقي : حازم رأفت

Mostafa Hamed

شيخ جاكسون: عن مراهقتنا الجميلة رغم كل شيء! فيلم جميل جدا وفكرني بأيام زمان. أنا كنت من عشاق مايكل جاكسون.. قول للزمان ارجع يازمان


Arkan Mall I visit this wonderful place last Thursday with family it was great experience. nice place to enjoy food…


Fifth Street Coffee: Delicious Baked Goods at Cairo Festival City worst service and quality ever!!!!! twice the order comes late, wrong order, missing items and the quality assurance…

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Judy Mohamed

La Villa verygood

Cairo Weekend Guide: Festivals, Live Music & More

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Hello Cairo! Is anyone else feeling a little anxious about how early it’s getting dark…

Cairo Weekend Guide: World Cinema, Live Music & the Ramadan Hangover

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Hello Cairo! While many Cairenes may still be at large, sunburnt bodies strewn across Egypt’s…

Enjoy Eid in Style, Right Here in Cairo

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Hello Cairo! It’s finally here! The longest weekend is finally here and as most of…

Cairo Weekend Guide: Happy Eid!

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Hello Cairo! As we crawl across the Ramadan finishing line, being dragged along by a…

Cairo Weekend Guide: Ramadan Entertainment, Hana Malhas & Free Yoga

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Hello Cairo!  The the city has been playing a game of cat and mouse with…