The Definitive Guide to Living in the Capital , Cairo , Egypt


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Ramy torky

لازار: بدل رجالي أنيقة في محل صغير بالكوربة محل رائع والبدل مستوردة وتحفة. اسعارة غالية شوية بس يستاهل


Garbi Today i was there reading the menu i notice many mistakes in the names of the plates (totally…


Il Loft: Rustic Italian Restaurant at Arkan Mall Falls Just Short of Being Great This has to be the slowest restaurant in Egypt. When you eventually get your food...quite frankly the wait…

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Khalda Ibrahim

Nails & More: Cutesy, Intimate Salon in Zamalek The place is excellent and loved the work done, plus it's super cozy and the people are friendly


Dos Cañas Amazing view, excellent service, tasty food and unforgettable experience... thanks doscanas restaurant's team


Ganoub I have to say that Ganoub studio is the best and most professional studio in town

Ad Astra: On Space and Emotional Baggage

The plot is definitely of epic proportions.

arts arts & culture +20

Rambo - Last Blood: Last Words

Looking for a glorious finale to the legacy?

arts arts & culture +17

Strange but‏ ‏True: Do You Believe?‎

Has an exciting 30 minutes for you!

Official Secrets: Would You Tell the Truth?‎

A film that will have you contemplating the past, the present, and the future.

arts arts & culture +16

The Queen’s Corgi: Children vs Adults

Is it really for children?

cairo Cairo cinema +11