The Definitive Guide to Living in the Capital , Cairo , Egypt

Health & Fitness

Cairo Walking Group: Good Exercise Meets Adventurous Backroads

Cairo Walking Group: Good Exercise Meets Adventurous Backroads

Royal Club Mohamad Ali: Where Posh Meets Practical

We’ve all been there. Your getaway plan has fallen through, leaving you stuck in Cairo…

La Villa No.36: Funky and Fresh, Not Your Status Quo

Everyone– well, almost everyone– has had a bad, if not awful salon experience. Whether the…

Gold’s Gym: Cardio Heaven

There may be masses of gyms in Cairo, but the good ones are few and…

Yoga: Saluting the Sun at Home

Featured Article

While Cairo’s outdoors environment isn’t ideal for open-air exercise, the price of a gym membership…

Hammam El Talat Maadi: Good for the Body, Tough on the Skin

Maadi is very much a Cairo oasis; isolated from the hustle and bustle of the…

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Bricks Good place to hangout with friends


طاسة وسط البلد.. أكل على قده جوة أشهر عمارة في المنطقة انا رحت مطعم طاسة وسط البلد و الاكل كان حلو و الاستاف كويس و كنت طالب ميكسات الزوجة…

Mohamed Abdel Mageed

Deals Pub 14 Great place for hanging out after work.

Amr Mohammed

Extraction تحت مستوى التوقعات بكتير ..اخراج و قصة و تأليف و تمثيل ردئ ..و مدته قصيرة ..بصراحة من أسوء…

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ahmed mido

تأجير يخوت في العين السخنة: متعة الإبحار حضرتك ممكن اعرف سعر اليخت 15فرد بكام وممكن صور لي بعد ازنكم 01157780941