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The Great Cairo Kidathon: Omar Samra’s Muricata Launch Cairo’s Biggest Kids Marathon

The Great Cairo Kidathon: Omar Samra’s Muricata Launch Cairo’s Biggest Kids Marathon

Fight & Fitness Factory: From MMA to Yoga, a Full Fitness Fete

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There are few younger globally-followed sports as mixed martial arts. While the mention of MMA usually…

10 Healthy Ingredient Substitutions for Guilt-Free Eating

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There's a theory that says that all the most delicious foods also happen to be…

Staying Fit in Cairo: 10 Alternative Workouts & Exercise Routines You Should Know About

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Contrary to popular belief, exercising doesn’t have to be a grueling chore – even in…

Cold in Cairo: 7 Fruits & Vegetables You Need to Eat More Of This Winter

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Cairenes love to eat – fact. But many of us overlook the benefits of eating…

Dieting in Cairo: 5 Reasons You're Not Losing Weight

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Often times, we do all there is to do to shred the excess pounds in…

Mohamed Al Sagheer Team-Up with International Beauty Entrepreneur for Special Launch

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Having a bad hair day? Too busy detangling your so-called career to detangle your hair?…


Paradise Fit Zone: Your Ultimate Workout Destination in Sahel This Summer

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Worried that your trips to Sahel may compromise the pounds you’ve worked so hard to…


Ramadan in Cairo 2015: Staying Healthy During the Holy Month

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Ramadan is upon us and the revelry of it all has started to seep into…

Win! Lavish Spa Treatment at Kempinski Nile Hotel

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As what looks like a typically scorching Egyptian summer settles in, the heat and Cairo’s…


The Cairo 360 Editors' Choice Awards 2015: Health & Fitness Award Winners

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Let’s face it; Cairo has never been renowned as a health-conscious city.  Whether it’s the…

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Ganoub I have to say that Ganoub studio is the best and most professional studio in town


inSeason Great salads, content is fresh 90% of the time. Very good for a quick meal.

Mohamed Abdel Mageed

The Vegan Kitchen They used to use the freshest ingredients and their food was very inventive and delicious. I hope we…


Mirai not the best sushi or food you can have. portions are not enough .at end my coffee was…

Ahmad Mahmoud

Live by Night Ben Affleck is at his best again, after his amazing piece of art being Bruce Wayne IN Batsman…


The Cairo 360 Editors' Choice Awards 2015: Beauty & Wellness Award Winners

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In another of the new categories in the 2015 edition of the Cairo 360 Editors’…

Mohamed Al Sagheer: Beauty Parlour Chain Continues to Impress in Arkan Plaza

As the beauty empire that is “Al Sagheer” salons continues to grow and expand both…

Mohamed Al Sagheer: Men's Department at Zamalek Branch Botches Haircut

For a man in Cairo, getting a haircut is something of a terrifying prospect. You…

Ten Easy Healthy Office Lunch Ideas Using Bake Rolz

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Ask anyone who works in an office and they’ll all tell you that the hardest…

Skin Säde: Expert Finnish Skin Clinic in 6th of October City

While the pulsing neon lights and energetic pace of the capital provide an atmosphere that…