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Tailored to Your Space and Taste: Kenda Interiors Has Something for Everyone

Tailored to Your Space and Taste: Kenda Interiors Has Something for Everyone


This September, the Justice League and Batman Take over Cairo Festival City Mall

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Get your passes to a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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Grocery Shopping Has Never Been Easier Thanks to These Online Shops

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Why not give it a try?

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Old Is Gold: Check out These Vintage Stores in Cairo

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Some of the coolest vintage marketplaces in town.

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A Fresh Start with IKEA’s 2020 Catalogue ‎

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Launched its highly anticipated 2020 catalogue.

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The Cairo 360 Editors' Choice Awards: The Best High-End Fashion Stores in Cairo

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Offering a proper dose of shopping.

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Injy Ahmed

Starbucks Starbucks cafes a known place all over the world, I have found some plastic knifes instead of tea…

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Dody JO

تشيك شاك: فراخ مشوية هايلة من مطعم فاست فوود في الزمالك حابه اقولكم تجربتى فى مطعم CHICK >SHACK و بالعربى شيك شاك عنوانه فى الزمالك اولا كانت شوربة اليوم…


باب الشرق – Bab El-Sharq ممتاز و رائع

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Ahmed Darwish

Riverside is Capping Off a Busy Festive Period with a Huge NYE Party Nice place to hang out with friends by the nile, a bit expensive though

Waseem.El Tanahi

Gŭ Lounge One of Cairo's better nightspots at the moment. Best to reserve before heading there though as it gets…

Mohamed Fahmy

لو بيسترو بوب – Le Bistro Pub تجربتي سيئ جدا مع البار بتاع المكان. بعد ما قعدت وشربت من الكحوليات جاء موظف يقولي فيه مينيمم…

Nary Aref: Just in Time for Wedding Season!

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Go local!

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Zakhrafa: Silky Summers Ahead!

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Summer shopping time.

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UNCLE MO Pickles: A Modern & Delicious Twist on an Egyptian Classic

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Pickles done right.

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