The Definitive Guide to Living in the Capital , Cairo , Egypt


The upscale area of Mohandiseen is located is surrounded by Dokki to the south and Imbaba and Zamalek to the West.

The area was first constructed in the 1950’s and was a massive area of villas and mansions.

Mohandiseen translates to ‘the engineers’ in English and was named as such because land and property was offered to government engineers at a reduced price. However, as Cairo’s population increased spiked in the 70s, Mohandiseen became home to high-rise apartment buildings.

Mohandiseen is one of the most accessible areas of Cairo, and is reachable by bus, microbus and, most effortlessly, by taxi.

In addition, a new extension of the Metro line, which is under construction, will link Mohandiseen all the way to Heliopolis and the Cairo International Airport.

Lebanon Square is a microbus hub from where you can travel to destinations as far as 6th of October City.

Mohandiseen is anchored by Gameat El Dowal El Arabia Street. This massive road runs through the whole expanse of the neighbourhood and is known for being one of the most 24 spots in Cairo, with a whole host of hotels, restaurants, cafes and shops.

Through Gameat El Dowal you can also reach other main streets such as Shehab and Gezirat El Arab Streets, which is known for being a shopping paradise. Other notable roads include Syria Street and Ahmed Orabi Street, the latter of which leads into Imbaba.

In Mohandiseen there is never a reason to be bored. You can literally shop till you drop, eat until you can’t anymore and party till your feet are sore.

The best shawerma in Cairo can be found along Syria Street is to be found at Abo Ammar El Soury. Several international brand shops sit nearby on Gezirat El Arab Street, including Burberry, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein and Lacoste.

Other neighbouring high street shops include the likes of Bershka, Mango, Pull & Bear and Converse.

At the other end of the scale, Shehab Street offers a shopping alternative, with numerous local shops offering everything from clothes to home accessories.

Gameaat El Dowal has always been an attraction for tourists and has subsequently developed as a spot for recognisable nation al and international chains such as MacDonald’s, Chicken Tikka, Cinnabon, Costa, Coffeeshop Company, Hardees and many others.

This by no means detracts from its character, and it’s actually home to some of the most popular dining and nightlife venues in the city.

Tia Maria is a quality Italian eatery as is Au Petit Bistro, while Cairo White Club – though new to the scene – has already gathered a cult following. There is also of course Cairo Jazz Club, which straddles the Mohandiseen and Agouza areas.

The popular bar hosts live music from around Egypt and all over the world and it has been a staple of Cairo’s nightlife for years.

The BCA (British Community Association) tries to bring a slice of Britain to Cairo, and does a rather splendid job, offering the closest thing you can get to quintessential British pub culture as well as events and useful services.

One of Egypt’s most famous football clubs is also to be found in Mohandiseen; Zamalek- not to be confused with the island across the bridge.

Fitness and health ranks high on residents’ priorites, with the area boasting several gyms including a branch of national chain Samia Allouba and Hammer Gym

Mohandiseen is a vivid neighbourhood that always surprises, and is as convenient to inhabit as it is gratifying visit.