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Karavan Sarai / Egyptian Project @ Cairo Jazz Club

Karavan Sarai / Egyptian Project @ Cairo Jazz Club

Mixing cultures, craving for change after this Eid vacation?

Catch a blissful combination of countries with Karavan Sarai at CJC this Thursday. Karavan Sarai will be performing a collective and for this show it will be made up of composer/multi-instrumentalist/vocalist Narayan Saijan and choreographer/dancer Sonia Ochoa. Narayan’s mastery of Egyptian oud and Turkish saz unspool evocative melodies taken directly from his fifteen year pilgrimage and musical apprenticeship along the Silk Road. They’re amplified by Ochoa’s celebratory and sacred dances, a visual feast inspired by Silk Road lands. Sonia was a soloist & principal dancer of the Bellydance Superstars for eight years. Amin Shahin is a master of the ancient arghoul who reigns from a prestigious family of gypsy (Ghajr) musicians from the Nile delta of Egypt; he also was part of the world/electronic act Egyptian Project in the begging. Marshall Bodiker adds heavy rhythmic sway on percussion. This evocative visual and sonic journey carries listeners to a nighttime courtyard of a virtual Silk Road inn, the Karavan Sarai that gave the project its name.

Later on stage, the very most talented and tasty musicians of all time; Egyptian Project band, combining Egyptian instruments such as arghul, rababa, and kawla with Western like beats and electronic music.

For reservations call 01068804764 and for more information check their Facebook

from 13-Jun
to 14-Jun

Cairo Jazz Club

197 26th Of July St., Madinet Al Eelam, Agouza

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