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Klaus Larres at Netherlands-Flemish Institute

Klaus Larres at Netherlands-Flemish Institute

The subject of Klaus Larres’s lecture is ‘Obama and Europe: Transatlantic Relations and a World in Turmoil’ .In his talk larres argues that it is not America’s relationship
with China, Russia, or India, for instance, but Washington’s relations
with the EU and the European continent that provide an ‘island of
stability’ in an increasingly complex and volatile world. This
transatlantic “island of stability” is based on shared democratic values
and underpinned by close economic and security relations. In an ever
more unpredictable world, cooperation with Europe continues to be
absolutely essential for the U.S. Nevertheless, the Obama
administration’s relations with the EU and the various European
countries have been difficult at times. Larres will analyze
transatlantic conflicts regarding a number of crucial issues, such as
the war in Afghanistan, the ‘Great Recession’ and the European debt
crisis. He will also explore transatlantic disputes regarding the crisis
in Libya and the so-called ‘Arab Spring’.

from 17-Nov
to 17-Nov

Netherlands-Flemish Institute

1 Dr. Mahmoud Azmi St. - Zamalek