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Masãfãt 2016 at Darb 1718

Masãfãt 2016 at Darb 1718

Aiming to open a cultural exchange between London and Cairo, Masãfãt kicks off its Cairo leg at Darb 1718 with a panel discussion, International Opportunities and Networks for Artists, which will see reps from the British Council, Goethe Insititute and more, talks to artists on how they can establish relationships and support with these kinds of institutions. at 7PM, the first of two screenings begins; Louis Henderson's 15 minute short, 'All That is Solid', which studies e-recycling and neo-colonial mining in Ghana. Then, Mohamed Khan's 19886 fil, 'Omar's Journey', will be shown. Attendance is free. For more info, click here.

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Darb 1718

El Fustat - Old Cairo - Islamic Cairo