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“Dear, Dear, Dear!” at Dawar Arts

Dawar Arts

In celebration of love, pain, anger and loneliness. In celebration of the vibrant emotions hidden in suicide
letters. Fatma El Zahraa presents to you: "Dear, dear, dear!". RSVP online!

“Trio Teryola” at Dawar Arts

Dawar Arts

Brainchild of Hany El-Badry, who plays nay in Teryola, the trio is an ensemble that also features Mohamed Esam on piano and Mohamed Arafa on percussion (tabla, req, daf, and cajon). Don't miss out on their upcoming concert at Dawar and save your spot online!

Circular Breathing with Sami Soliman at Dawar Arts

Dawar Arts

Our breath offers an opportunity for us to become more whole, less fragmented - every time we draw it in, every time we release it. It offers a glimpse into embracing ourselves in our totality. Save your spot online.

“On a Low-Budget” at Dawar Arts

Dawar Arts

People often get into trouble and are forced to do specific things and they don't have enough data for that, but when this is done, it is considered one of the best and most professional (or not!). RSVP now online.

Sufi Whirling Workshop at Dawar Arts

Dawar Arts

Started in Turkey in the 13th century by Galal El-Din El-Roumi.
The idea behind it is about whirling in circular movement anticlockwise, levating the human soul and deliberating the body to become one with the universe.