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IN PICTURES: Chanel Pays Homage to Ancient Egypt!
    written by
    Sherif Khairy

    Featured image via Chanel



    We already know all about the richness of our history, and it seems that the giant international French fashion house, Chanel, have come to be inspired by that very history.

    Chanel took the grand style of the Pharaohs’ splendor, the Ancient Egyptians’ majestic architecture, and the majesty of Ancient Egyptian arts and craftsmanship, as their muse in the Paris-New York 2018/19 show in the Met Museum. The lineup was stunning, and it left us feeling proud. Going all out on this concept, Chanel even put effort into recreating an entire temple, The Temple of Dendur, and had it function as a decorative prop for their catwalk in New York. The setting was executed perfectly.

    Their Instagram and Facebook feeds are filled with beautiful pictures of the show, as well as videography of their making of these glamorous designs. Stunning dark fabrics mix perfectly with their immaculately crafted golden highlights, giving an ingenious flair to the show with an incredible authentic touch. All of these artistic pieces were carefully mastered at the Maison Michel ateliers, founded by Auguste Michel in 1936.

    Indeed, aside from the setting of the stage, you could see Ancient Egypt everywhere in the fashion show; from the clothing itself, to the accessories, and even make up, this show was a cohesive window into a very important part of Ancient Egyptian culture: their love for art, design, and innovation in every field.

    We’re glad to see such a renowned fashion house show such appreciation to the country we love to call home. We’re also proud to see our heritage being showcased to the world in such a subtle and refined manner.