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Beano’s: A Latté Love

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Melissa Howell
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Beano’s: A Latté  Love

Not all of Cairo’s café chains are created equally. Many a cup of coffee
cannot be had without compromise. If you’re tired of settling for pre-packaged
sandwiches or being charged extra for milk in your Americano; opt for Beano’s,
where the only settling that you’ll do is into one of their comfy couches.

Beano’s Zamalek branch on El
Sheikh El Marsafy Square is far from the strip of
Abul Feda chains, making it a much quieter location for a cup of coffee than
their competition can offer. Even on the
weekends, when Beano’s fills up a bit, you’ll rarely struggle to find a place
to sit.

The coffee at Beano’s is satisfying and well-priced. Their espresso is
strong and delicious for 8.5LE, and the array of specialty coffees derived from
this simple pleasure are just as satisfying. We especially enjoy the café latté
(13LE) for the chocolate spoon on the side. An order of tea (7.50LE) comes in a pot with enough for a few cups, and
a delicious bite-sized pastry. American
coffee (13LE), which is actually French press, is the only coffee that can
occasionally be a little on the weak side, but if you request it strong, they
will pack it with plenty of freshly ground beans.

Beano’s is also one of the few coffee chains in Cairo that understand what iced coffee is all
about. Of course, they also offer the frappés that you’ll find everywhere. For 21LE, you get a large blended treat with
the flavouring of your choice. For 15LE,
a properly iced latté is cold, creamy and just what a hot summer afternoon
calls for.

In addition to their coffee, Beano’s has a number of food options on
their menu; and it’s not the kind of fare that looks as though it could be sold
at a petrol station.   Start the day off
right at Beano’s with a short stack of pancakes (two for 19LE) topped with
butter, syrup or honey; or a healthy yoghurt parfait (14LE) layered with fresh
fruit and granola.

Lunch offerings include a spicy Mexican chicken wrap (18LE)
full of flavour and oozing with melted cheese as well as chicken Caesar salad
(26LE.) In our shredded iceberg lettuce
city, it is rare to find a salad with greens that are actually green. Beano’s salad consists of romaine lettuce,
cherry tomatoes, the requisite grilled chicken, freshly grated Parmesan and delicious
dressing. As far as café food goes,
Beano’s has got them all beat.

360 Tip

Beano’s has recently added several new items to their menu; so be sure to sample their warm ricotta salad (26LE) or their chicken and roasted tomato Panini (26LE).

Best Bit

We’ve got a serious soft spot for the little chocolate spoons that come with Beano’s lattés.

Worst Bit

The service tends to slow down a bit when weekends find Beano’s quite crowded. Like all major coffee chains, Wi-Fi is not free and you have to purchase your own Mobinil scratch card.

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