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Cinnabon: Yummy Cinnamon Rolls in Cairo

  • 52, Mosaddak St.
  • Bakeries & Patisseries
  • 8AM - 1AM -
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Salma Tantawi
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Cinnabon: Yummy Cinnamon Rolls in Cairo

It’s no surprise that Cinnabon is one of the most famous bakery chains
in Cairo; with branches spread out through the Capital offering baked goods
that can throw anyone off their diet, it definitely
deserves to be.

Since its opening in Egypt in 2004, this US pastry franchise has been
spreading its unmistakable cinnamon-filled aroma through the streets and malls
of Cairo. Although the café offers a comfortable but small seating area, it’s
more of a grab-and-go joint; especially since eating the Cinnabon rolls
themselves usually becomes a messy, sticky affair– so you may need to eat at home.

The pastry chain offers a large menu of options, and their famous buns
come in several sizes. The Cinnabon classic cinnamon roll (15LE) is big enough
to be shared with a friend and still be satisfying. Endless rolls of freshly baked layers are
filled with cinnamon and sugar, and then topped with cream cheese icing. The
end result is sugary enough to send a child (or adult) into a hyperactive sugar high within seconds.

However, nothing can compete with the ultimate guilty pleasure, the
internationally revered Chocobon (18LE). The chocolate used in the filling,
topping and actually everywhere else in between is absolutely amazing. However,
many may find it too sugary to endure; so you can add or choose between several

Besides its famous baked-on-sight goods, Cinnabon is also a suitable stop
for breakfast, a quick lunch or a snack with its sandwiches and salads. However,
the sandwiches choices are disappointingly limited. Also on the menu is a wide
selection of smoothies, coffee and refreshing cocktails, starting at 15 LE.

If you’re with a big group of people, Cinnabon also sells larger packs of
buns, such as the nine-piece Minibon, or you can buy four pieces of the same bun and get a 20LE-discount.

Staying on a diet can be challenging, but with pastry shops like
Cinnabon around Cairo, it is nearly impossible. The key is moderation, and from
time to time it’s ok to just kick back and let the cinnamon-filled bites melt
in your mouth.

360 Tip

To avoid having your hot rolls delivered cool, ask for your roll to be delivered unheated. Just a few minutes in the oven will do the trick.

Best Bit

Deliciously sweet treats available in huge portions.

Worst Bit

Not very budget-friendly, the bite size (8LE) costs almost as much as the regular portion (15LE).

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