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Froots: Health-Conscious Juice Shop in Zamalek

  • 136, 26th July Street (Beside Dahab Market)
  • Juice Shops
  • 10am - 12pm -
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Ahmed El Dahan
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Froots: Health-Conscious Juice Shop in Zamalek

As a result of the hectic city life, health-conscious restaurants and cafés in Cairo are often overlooked in favour of filling up on more gratifying, and often unwholesome, meals and drinks.

Recently opened in Zamalek, international chain, Froots, strives to provide citizens with delicious, healthy alternatives. The small venue on 26th of July Street offers clean, vitamin-rich blends of juices and smoothies. A table is placed outside for customers wanting to drink on the spot, and inside there are two stools for patrons waiting on their orders.

Amongst others, the menu includes a wide of variety of tropical smoothies, fresh fruit juices, organic teas, coffee and even lip-smacking chocolate and ice cream milkshakes. Though in the past they were known for providing food, the current reworking of the menu means that meals are temporarily unavailable.

We ordered a Tidal Wave (22LE) cocktail – a blend of strawberries, peaches and kiwi juice – and a Berry Sunrise (33LE) – made with strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, vanilla soy milk and fat free yoghurt. For the latter, our waiter willingly adapted the ingredients to replace the soy milk with regular dairy.

Served in large plastic cups, the Tidal Wave was refreshingly sweet, with a charming tinge of bitterness provided by the kiwi juice. On the other hand the Berry Sunrise, served icy cold, was thick, foamy, smooth and delicious. Although they were both scrumptious and filling, the drinks were unfortunately prepared with frozen, as opposed to fresh, produce.

Perfect to silence a rumbling stomach, Froots provide tasty, liquid alternatives to heavy meals and unhealthy snacks.

360 Tip

Catering for the gym buffs of the city, Froots also make protein shakes. For delivery, call 0223130934.

Best Bit

The Tidal Wave cocktail was deliciously sweet and sour.

Worst Bit

Fcairorevamp_users use frozen ingredients instead of fresh fruit.

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