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Kukuruza Gourmet Popcorn

Kukuruza: The Flavour Possibilities Are Just Endless

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Omar Yousry
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Kukuruza: The Flavour Possibilities Are Just Endless

Popcorn can be considered one of the ultimate snacks, it’s light, puffy, and works well with almost everything. With the exception of salted and caramel flavours which you find at movie theatres, people couldn’t find much variety out of their popcorn.

It’s light, fluffy and can work for any occasion – we speak of the ultimate snack that is popcorn. While salted and caramel have traditionally been the only two flavours available in Cairo, Seattle based brand, Kukuruza, has added something of a gourmet touch to it having opened at three of the city’ biggest malls, Citystars, Cairo Festival City and Mall of Arabia.

With several different flavours in both savory and sweet form, we opted for the gift bag (140LE) which brings together four small packs. Individually, small packs are 40LE and the large packs are 60LE.

The first one we tried was a simple cheddar flavour; with a truly cheesy aroma and a natural taste, the popcorn had a very puffy texture with a great amount of cheese powder on top offering a nice sharp cheddar taste that will leave you with cheesy fingers afterwards.

Essentially cashews, almonds and popcorn all stuck together with caramel, the fine nuts flavour offers a match made in popcorn heaven. The nuts were rich in flavour and every handful gave a slightly different taste.

The cinnamon buns, meanwhile, uses a cinnamon-infused caramel, topped with white chocolate and some extra cinnamon sugar sprinkled on top offering a nice sweet taste and a crunchy texture.

Then we came to the most interesting one – raspberry cream. Purple in colour, it had a great tangy aftertaste contrasted by the sweet hint of white chocolate, offering a deep, dessert flavour.

Deceptively simple, Kukuruza has found a unique niche and with other flavours including peanut butter caramel, salt and vinegar and even smores, the possibilities are endless.

360 Tip

Kukuruza also offers other flavoured popcorn treats including soft-serve ice cream. Yum.

Best Bit

Some of the flavours are really quite creative - and the options are potentially endless.

Worst Bit

How much are you willing to pay for what is essentially popped corn.

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