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Madeleine Bakery

Madeleine Bakery: Manifest your Parisian dreams in the heart of Maadi

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  • 23 Street 232, Maadi as Sarayat Al Gharbeyah, Maadi, Cairo Governorate 4213052
  • Bakeries & Patisseries
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Madeleine Bakery: Manifest your Parisian dreams in the heart of Maadi

In the heart of Maadi is Madeleine Bakery. Founded by a self-taught baker, Mathilde Cornil always sought happiness by making fluffy delights for her friends and family. After some time, the love of her freshly baked French delights spread beyond her circle. Madeleine Bakery is home to gourmet temptations, serving sweet and savoury pastries, sandwiches, and coffee with a comforting ambience and flavours that feel like a warm hug.

From her delicate pastries as the centre of attention at every family gathering, Mathilde was encouraged by everyone around her to start an online page to share her magic with the world. Soon enough, Mathilde became acknowledged enough to open her on-ground store, Madeleine.

Once you enter the bakery house, you will be captured by the simplicity of the place; you will also be welcomed by the head of customer service and quality control, the lovely Cocker Spaniel Mr Lilo, who is responsible for making sure that each item on the menu is as tail-waggingly delicious as it should be. From the decorations to the paintings on the wall, every item caters to the aesthetic of your slow morning or an excellent coffee over some fresh patisseries with a friend.

The coffee isn’t something to be missed; despite baking being Madeleine’s focal point, Mathilde understood everything she needed to know about coffee to deliver a well-rounded, delicious experience to all customers, including all coffee enthusiasts. With a coffee machine handmade in Florence, the beans are ground to perfection, making Madeleine’s coffee a good enough companion to their mouthwatering pastries. To the non-caffeine club supporters, Madeleine hasn’t forgotten about you; their delicious hot chocolate with chocolate chunks is all you need in this cold weather.

With all of Madeleine’s ingredients being freshly made or locally sourced, Madeleine Bakery’s delights are handmade to perfection. Just like you can enjoy those delights in the store, you can also enjoy them from the comfort of your home. You can buy Madeleine’s bread crumbs, coffee beans, and a selection of jams at the bakery on your way out.

Among the delicious treats we tried at the bakery was Madeleine’s signature salmon sandwich (a true must-have involving a generous amount of cream cheese). The bread and salmon were extremely fresh, making the gourmet sandwich a delight for the palette. 

Also, offering a range of quiches, Madeleine’s Mushroom Quiche is a perfect start to the day. Offering an edge with a “party in my mouth” taste, the mushroom quiche will bring delight to your morning and is an excellent kick-start for the day. 

Madeleine Bakery takes a green approach to its operations, embracing sustainable practices that make a positive impact. Spot the “used glasses collection box” by the counter—it’s their way of encouraging you to bring in your old frames, which they collect for those in need. Within Madeleine, you’ll find paper bags, wooden straws, and silverware instead of plastic tools that harm the environment. Lastly, the entire staff directs their effort towards limiting food waste by sharing excess food with those in need or making fresh limited batches at a time.

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