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Segafredo Coffee: Essential for the Daily Grind

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Segafredo Coffee: Essential for the Daily Grind

Well-hidden in the masses of shops lining 26th of July Street in Zamalek, Segafredo is an easily-missed coffee spot.

With a plethora of coffee shops ranging from international chains to local companies available in the area, Segafredo comes highly recommended by many coffee enthusiasts for its sharp, no-punches-pulled coffee

The café is barely a sliver of space fitting a coffee bar, and room for three or so clients to order. Yet this particular locale makes a truly good cup of coffee, be it your favourite cappuccino or a milky latté or a good, strong cup of black, it promises to give a caffeine pick-me-up. For those who fear caffeine on an empty stomach, the café also offers a tasty array of sandwiches, cakes and cookies.

While many coffee joints insist on adding syrups and flavours to every drink, Segafredo can satisfy the coffee enthusiasts with its non-bitter and straightforward drink. Be warned; a shot of macchiato is very much a shot: despite its tiny container, it will knock you out and leave you sleepless if you’re not used to the heavy stuff.

Segafredo is an Italian coffee bean chain with branches all over the world. The tiny perimeters of its Cairo branch are disappointing considering the label’s international reputation; it’s a pity the Italian cool isn’t translated into the Zamalek café’s interior and atmosphere. On the other hand, the coffees are moderately priced, ranging between 9LE and 18LE, and sold in efficient to-go cups that do not leak.

While Segafredo may be too claustrophobic for a long and lazy coffee date, the fast service at the front counter makes it a perfect spot to pick up your coffee and go. Unfortunately, its location on 26th of July Street right next to a No-Parking sign and a bus stop make it virtually impossible to park, unless you park in the next-door Mobil Station or miraculously find an empty slot in the parking under the bridge,

360 Tip

If you’re not a coffee drinker, try their fresh juices: the strawberry is thick and surprisingly unsweetened with added sugar.

Best Bit

Segafredo's no-fuss strong coffee will please the caffeine connoisseurs among you.

Worst Bit

Parking is a nightmare.

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