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Yoggy’s: Fat-Free Fro-Yo at Sheikh Zayed’s Americana Plaza

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Ramy Soliman
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Yoggy’s: Fat-Free Fro-Yo at Sheikh Zayed’s Americana Plaza

Frozen yoghurt is perhaps the best invention since French fries—except that maybe it is far less hefty and has guiltless calories. Arriving early to the IMAX movie theatre with a couple of hours to spare before the movie starts, we came across Yoggy’s, a fro-yo specialist which turns out to be the sweetest waste of time.    

Located inside Americana Plaza, Yoggy’s is a fat-free frozen yogurt shop with a simple, casual purple & white atmosphere, few wooden benches in the outdoor area –similar to the ones you find in school courtyards— not to mention intriguing DIY frozen yoghurt machines which stood out as soon as we stepped inside.  

Yoggy’s has three different cup sizes, only the scale is what specifies the cost where 100 grams of frozen yoghurt costs 24LE. With three machines available, each having two blendable flavours –pistachio, strawberry and bubble gum to name a few— we opted for two medium sized cups of frozen yoghurt, where the first was a mixture of plain Frozen Yoghurt with Blueberry (65LE) and the second was Custard and Chocolate (60LE) ready to be spiked with toppings.  

Starting from the blueberry and plain frozen yoghurt mix, the consistency was thick, creamy and very smooth. The plain frozen yogurt had a creamy flavour with a tangy kick to it which worked so well with the sweetness of the fruits and the gummy bears, while the blueberry had a fruity, refreshing and zesty flavour which didn’t need any additional toppings.    

Topped with oreos and M&Ms, the chocolate frozen yogurt was bursting with chocolate flavour which made us feel like it wasn’t frozen yogurt and more of a soft chocolate ice cream while the custard frozen yogurt had a milky pudding-like flavour to it; a perfect choice for those who prefer sweet flavours overpowering the sour and tangy flavours of the frozen yogurt.

Yoggy’s is a fun experience and a great outing for those looking for a sweet light treat before heading to the movies or while on a shopping spree. Everything from using the fro-yo machines, watching the luscious frozen yogurt going into the cup and topping it with gummy bears was delightful but it definitely came at a price. 

360 Tip

Try to be frugal while using the fro-yo machine. Each 100 grams is an additional 24LE. 

Best Bit

The DIY frozen yoghurt experience.  

Worst Bit

Measuring the cup can be a frightful experience –similar to the one you get while stepping on a scale.   



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