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Cairo Guide: Useful Resources for ‘Tamarod’ in Egypt

Cairo Guide: Useful Resources for ‘Tamarod’ in Egypt
    written by
    Cairo 360

    Tamarod is the word on the streets of Cairo. Egypt, once again, has the spotlight firmly placed on it. As the world watches, Cairenes from all corners of the capital – and Egyptians from beyond – are making their voices heard.

    Here at Cairo 360, we want to do all we can to support our fellow Cairenes by passing on some vital information; from Twitter to Tahrir Square, here is everything you need to stay on top of everything.

    Reporting Sexual Harassment

    An unfortunate and baffling phenomenon that continues to betray the spirit of the continuing Egyptian Revolution, we’ve seen a brave few – namely Tahrir Bodygaurd, Operation Anti-Sexual Harassment and Harassmap come to the aid of those who find themselves in danger. Any cases of sexual harassment spotted should be reported via the following:

    Operation Anti-Sexual Harrassment

    Tahrir: 01016051145 / 01156892357 / 0228946787
    Itihadiya: 0122769788

    Tahrir Bodygaurd



    SMS: 6069

    These guys are always in need of volunteers, so any help is appreciated.

    Other Useful Numbers and Resources:

    The Protestors’ Defence League:

    Emergency Medical Care for Victims of Sexual Abuse:

    No to Military Trials:
    Cairo: 01002850271
    Alexandria: 01275215660

    Tahrir Doctors:

    To report torture:

    To speak to legal aid in cases of human rights abuses:

    To report the arrest or kidnap of journalists:

    Tahrir Supplies

    Tahrir Needs

    News & Opinions on Twitter

    Everyone will have their say, constructive and otherwise, but there are a few that provide up-to-the-minutes news, images and views. Journalists, Jack ShenkerBen WedemenSharif Kouddous and Evan Hill spend most of their time in and around affected areas, while popular bloggers-come-Twitter-celebrities such as Mahmoud ‘Sandmonkey’ Salem, Hossam ‘3arabawy’ and the ‘The Arabist’ can always be counted on for a few nuggets of wisdom. But for some really interesting analysis of the protests, look no further than the Muslim Brotherhood’s official Twitter account, Ikhwanweb. 

    Of course, there are many more; the following hashtags will get you where you need to be:

    #Egypt#Moqattam#June30#itahidiya#Tamarod #tahrir #morsi

    Stay safe, Cairo.