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Cairo’s Metro Stations Ready to Implement New Pricing Strategy Starting April

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Cairo’s Metro Stations Ready to Implement New Pricing Strategy Starting April
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Getting around Cairo is one of the most difficult, exhausting, and time-consuming endeavors of one’s life in this city.  A lot of people opt to use Cairo’s metro stations, in order to avoid traffic jams, and save money. Things are about to change a bit for Cairene subway users. 

Coming from official sources at the Ministry of Transportation, three lines will be technically equipped, and ready by April, for the implementation of the Cairo metro stations’ new pricing strategy. The plan is to connect all the stations, in metro lines one and two, using a single technological infrastructure. This will be achieved once the installation of the new electronic gates is complete. Long gone are the days, where you could commute and transfer for a fixed and single fee. In other words, your fee will depend on the number of stations you commute through.

Dr. Hisham Arafat, Minister of Transportation, had told Masrawy that the number of stations will determine the fee that metro commuters will pay. That was a few months ago, and at that time, Arafat had also stated that the maximum ticket price will be 5 EGP. However, sources say that Arafat has not yet decided when the strategy will take effect. Though stations should be technically ready by April, it is not yet clear when the proce increases will officially be announced. 

With talks of a Civilizational Shift led by double-decker buses, we have reason to believe that we’ll see improvements in Cairo’s metro stations.