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High School Graduates, Rejoice, Newgiza University Has Launched a Brand New Faculty!

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High School Graduates, Rejoice, Newgiza University Has Launched a Brand New Faculty!
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Because we strive to be your ultimate guide to every thing and anything related to Cairo, today we present you with an article dedicated to parents and high school students. Seeing that our Instagram and Facebook feeds have recently been saturated with footage of young Cairenes bidding farewell to their schools, we have decided to give you all young high school graduates a helping hand, as we know that selecting a university can be a daunting task. Accordingly, here is everything you need to know about Newgiza University, and their application process.

On the 31st of January, Newgiza University (NGU) uploaded a post on its Facebook page, announcing that early admission had opened for the new academic year. At the time, the poster included 4 schools: Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, and Business & Finance. We were surprised to stumble across another faculty in a piece, by Sada El Balad English (SEE), the school of Economics & Political Science.     

In case someone is unfamiliar with the name, Newgiza University is a private university in Giza, Egypt, founded in 2016, that maintains a partnership with University College London and King’s College London. Sources state that the board of trustees include some prominent names, including 3 former Egyptian ministers and former British ambassador to Egypt, Sir Derek Plumbly. The quote on their website’s home page states,

“Learning is a never ending journey. It’s an endless chase after what’s unknown to man; after the mysteries of the universe, from science to math from astrology to psychology. To know is to simply approach the unknown, and beyond the summit of man’s knowledge, lies the great pyramids of Giza.” It continues, “Throughout all periods and eras to this day, Egypt is the destination for people seeking knowledge and education in various leads. The thoroughly cosmopolitan identity of its capital city, Cairo, makes it all more inviting to people from all over the world.”

As for the admission rules, SEE states the following:  

  • Applicants for NGU should submit original academic certificates, sealed by Egyptian educational institutions. Bear in mind, the General Secondary Education Certificate should be sealed by the school where the student studied as well. For students who originally studied abroad, they should submit sealed educational certificates from the foreign institutions there and the Egyptian embassies.
  • Regarding the required documents, the university needs a birth certificate, a copy of the ID card, a copy of passport (required from the international students), a medical report, four personal photos, military forms 2 & 6 (males only), and a statement of purpose.
  • Applicants must have a sufficient level of English to join the educational process. Accordingly, applicants need to provide proof for their English language proficiency. For all colleges, TOEFL IBT is needed with a minimum total of 80 or English Language Examination (IELTS) with a minimum total of 6.5. However, the School of Pharmacy needs TOEFL ITP with a minimum total of 450 or TOEFL IBT with a minimum total of 46 or IELTS Academic with a minimum total of 5.5.
  • Concerning the fees, NGU announced that the tuition fees are paid through a bank deposit or transfer at the NGU Bank Account. Here is a list of the tuition fees for each school for the academic year of 2019/2020 in Egyptian pounds:
  • Medicine 151,450
  • Pharmacy 107,750
  • Dentistry 145,700
  • Business and Finance 122,700
  • Economics and Political Science 122,700