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6 Memorable Performances by Salah El Saadany: Tribute to an Immortal Artist

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6 Memorable Performances by Salah El Saadany: Tribute to an Immortal Artist
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Image via Al Masry Al Youm

Last Friday, the 19th of April, we were hit with the sad news of losing the one and only Salah El Saadani. Saying goodbye to him is no easy task; he will remain an icon, never to be forgotten. With all his incredible contributions to Egyptian cinema, it is with a heavy heart that we bid him farewell whilst recalling years-old memories that help us think about him with a warm smile on our faces. Paying tribute to Salah El Saadani, here are some of his best works that will forever remain engraved in our hearts and minds.


Layaly Al Helmiya

Starring in the iconic Layaly Al Helmiya as the mayor of Mit Abou Ghanem, Salah El Saadani was able to commendably depict the role with all its complexities, which is one of the major reasons why Layaly Al Helmiya has always shone as a timeless classic.



Centring on Salah El Saadani as Hassan Arabesque, an Egyptian arabesque artist, Arabesque has graced us with Salah El Saadani’s remarkable performance. An iconic duo in Egyptian drama, Salah El Saadani, as Hassan, and Hala Sedqy, as Tawheeda, have shown us genuine chemistry on screen, leaving everyone attached to them as a duo.


Fawzia Al Bourgeoiseya

Alongside Esaad Youniss as Enayat, Salah El Saadani blew us all away with Fawzia Al Bourgeoiseya in his role as Abdelwahed. A comedy movie that brings about rib-tickling laughter to this day, Fawzia Al Bourgeoiseya showed us some of Salah El Saadani’s many skills, proving his unmatched acting prowess.


Abna’y Al Aeza’, Shokran

Released in 1979, Abna’y Al Aeza’, Shokran was a series with a cast unlike any other. Starring Abdel Moneim Madbouly, Yahia El Fakharani, Salah El Saadani, and Farouk El Feshawi, this series is one of the perennial favourites for all Egyptians.


Malaf Fel Adab

Taking on the role of Saeed Abu Al-Huda, an officer just starting his service, Salah El Saadani introduced us to different layers of his character in this movie, stirring all the viewers’ emotions.


Al Zawga Awal Man Yaalam

Eliciting more and more riotous laughter, Al Zawga Awal Man Yaalam, starring Salah El Saadani, is a series that revolves around a group of friends and their amusing antics throughout their journey of establishing a private company.