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Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son

Big Mommas: Painful to Watch

  • Brandon T. JacksonBrandon T. Jackson...
  • Comedy
  • John Whitesell
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Omar Atef
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Big Mommas: Painful to Watch

After witnessing a
murder, FBI agent Malcolm Turner (Lawrence) finds out that the only way to
protect his teenage stepson Trent (T. Jackson) is by going undercover as Big
Momma and dressing up Trent as her niece, Charmaine. While the investigations take
place, they hide in an all-girls performing arts school to find the murderer
before he finds them.

Big Mommas’ plot can be predicted just by watching the film’s trailer. Jackson’s character
is just a lame excuse for Lawrence to throw on the fat suit for the third time.
Hollywood was recently said to be out of fresh ideas for films in general, but
when a witnessed murder causes someone to dress up as a niece, it just insults
our intelligence.

To make matters
worse, Turner decides that it’s best to hide in an all-girls school in order to
blend in. Why couldn’t they simply hide somewhere else, like in a simple neighbourhood
for instance? Or why not send Trent into a witness-protection program? And when
they end up in that school, we’re left with the same old situations (that are supposed
to be funny), such as Charmaine being in a changing room with a girl who’s
getting undressed. This scene was tiredly overdone, featured in Big Momma’s House 2, and was also similar to
the scene in White Chicks.

However, the plot
isn’t the film’s biggest disaster; it’s the writing. The script gives you the
feeling that it was originally written for the sequel (which was also terribly
awful) but the producers refused to pick it up. The dialogue is simply
insulting, with repeated fat jokes, women dancing with Big Mommas for no reason, and lots of unnecessary slapstick scenes
that desperately attempt at humour. The film failed to bring out a single laugh
of a crowded theatre.

There is no acting in
this film; so it can’t be measured as good or bad. Instead, we watch the failed
efforts of two grown men dressed as big women trying to make us laugh with the
weakest storyline, lamest jokes and an insulting script. While the first film
was passable and had a decently presented story with fine performances, the
following sequels have been just a waste of money and time.

There’s nothing to be
said about Big Mommas other than the
fact that it’s an obvious excuse for a cheap shot of making more money, which
is a real shame. Martin Lawrence’s career could only be saved from its downward
spiral by a call from Will Smith or Michael Bay for the third instalment of Bad Boys, which was being negotiated
recently. Avoid Big Mommas unless you
enjoy big disappointments.

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Actress Nia Long declined to return as Sherry, from the first two films

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