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Cars 2

Cars 2: Fun, Action-Packed Sequel

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Cars 2: Fun, Action-Packed Sequel

Cars 2 picks up right where the original Cars left off, whereas this time around, the animation mainly focuses
on Mater (Larry the Cable Guy) as the lead character. When Mater travels overseas
to help his buddy Lightning McQueen (Wilson) in racing against the best cars in the
world and winning the World Grand Prix, he gets caught up in an unlikely adventure where he’s mistaken for a US spy. Consequently, Mater is
stuck between two adventures; assisting McQueen on his challenging quest, while
being involved in an international espionage assignment with British spy car Finn
McMissile (Caine).

have to hand it to Pixar for having the guts to revive their weakest animated
title, and making a worthy sequel out of it. Cars 2‘s plot is basically a seat-switch between the first film’s
two main characters, and McQueen is now more of a sidekick. It’s a bold move, and a
risky one too; Mater wasn’t a particular stand-out character, and wasn’t the
most popular. So for those who found Mater particularly annoying, Cars 2 may not be the best film to see.

time around, though, there are more characters, more race scenes, and most
importantly, more action sequences. Why make an animated film about cars with a
US$200 million budget if you won’t include pedal-to-the-metal action? Luckily
for us, the film uses every last penny to deliver a thrilling ride. If you found
the first Cars boring, you’ll definitely
be more than satisfied with this one. 

positive about Cars 2 is the
introduction of other interesting characters. While there are a number of newly
introduced cars, spy car McMissile is the one that really stands out; the
character is basically a car-version of James Bond.

film’s cast make sincere efforts as the characters’ voiceovers. Wilson stays true to his character with his trademark pleasant charm, Caine is brilliant as a British spy (Austin Powers:Goldmember, anyone?), and
Larry the Cable Guy as Mater is fun but some may find his deep Southern jumble of an accent a little grating.

only downside to Cars 2 is that it
falls short on charm compared to other recent animated films. And even though the film uses 3D technology, the 3D effects won’t really blow you away with its sub-par visuals.

to the last gear, Cars 2 is
definitely worth your time, interest and money. It’s not an instant classic,
yet it’s quite enjoyable. So even if you’re not a fan of the first, or didn’t
even get the chance to see it, we recommend Cars 2 to fans of animated

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360 Tip

Paul Newman's character Doc Hudson from the first Cars was not included in the sequel as a mark of respect for the iconic actor, who passed away in 2008. 

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