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Date Night Movies We Don’t Cringe At

Date Night Movies We Don’t Cringe At
written by
Salma Sabek

Whether it’s your significant other or your platonic bestie, this list of romantic Egyptian movies is sure to give you all the feels that will have you cooing and laughing without any of the mandatory cringes!

Bebo we Basheer (2011)

Bebo and Besheer are two young adults seeking affordable accommodations in Cairo who get scammed into sharing a flat. In a weird twist of fate, the two unknowing flatmates meet in Port Said and start dating. Hilarity ensues.

This progressive take on modern rom-coms from the great Mariam Abu Ouf keeps us coming back for seconds every time. The chemistry between Asser Yaseen and Menna Shalaby is off the charts, the script is brilliant, and the overall flow can’t be faulted. The comedy in the movie is smart and seems like it’s never going to be outdated. There’s also something incredibly fresh about watching a female drummer living on her own in Cairo and it not being made into a big deal, while the main focus is on how this abrasive young woman falls in love with sweet-talking basketball interpreter. Of course, it’s currently on Netflix, so you don’t have to worry about that.


Photocopy (2017)

When Mahmoud, a retired photocopier, discovers how dinosaurs became extinct, his outlook on life changes and something akin to love starts blossoming between him and his mysterious neighbour.

An absolute delight in every colourful frame, Photocopy will transport you to an empathy-filled world full of familiar sceneries, faces, and emotions. The film takes place in a humble building on Abdou Basha street, where the simple lives of its residents intertwine to bring forward a humane side we rarely have the chance to witness in our modern lives. The film makes a very important point: life doesn’t stop when you reach your late fifties. It does this subtly with a love story blossoming between two senior citizens as well as various friendships and connections forming between the older characters and their youthful community. The film will definitely warm your heart. It doesn’t hurt that it’s also beautifully cast and edited to perfection. It’s also on Netflix, so it gives Netflix and Chill a whole new meaning.


Inta Habibi (1957)


Farid and Yasmina are two cousins who despise each other but decide to get married when they realise that their uncle left them a huge inheritance, only accessed when they’ve completed one month of marriage. Forced on a honeymoon in beautiful Aswan, the newlyweds find themselves in increasingly hilarious situations with their jealous lovers as they start falling for each other.

The original enemies to lovers, this masterpiece combines every element of a rom-com you need: ridiculously hilarious situations, amazing chemistry and loads of drama. The film is one of the earliest by the great Youssef Chahine, which is possibly why it is so good even though it has the most basic romantic plot. The fact that the two protagonists are played by the legendary Shadia and Fareed Al Atrash means that the musical element in the movie is on point and takes the rom-com to a whole new level of enjoyable. Our favourite scene would definitely have to be when Shadia and Fareed sing at a Nubian wedding while Hend Rostom dances in their traditional costume, absolute Egyptian excellence.