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Final Destination 5

Final Destination 5: More Terrible Ways To Die in Latest Horror Chapter

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  • HorrorThriller
  • Steven Quale
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Yasmin Shehab
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Final Destination 5: More Terrible Ways To Die in Latest Horror Chapter

Final Destination 5’s story
begins when a bridge collapses, sending most of those on it crashing to their
deaths. Sam (D’Agosto) has a premonition of the accident and manages to save a
handful of his coworkers while the rest join the deceased masses. The survivors
are reduced to a bundle of nerves, looking out for death at every moment, while
they get systematically snuffed out in highly gruesome and sadistic ways.

This film is not for the
faint of heart. It isn’t for gymnasts or anyone contemplating laser eye surgery
either. The viewer is given just enough time to begin to like the character
when they get killed. These aren’t quick deaths either. You’re taunted by many
cases of almost fatalities and it’s only when you’re hanging over the edge of
your seat, holding your breath, begging for the suspense to be over already
that the character is killed in an even more sadistic way than you were
expecting. This reviewer watched a decent chunk of the movie through a crack in
her fingers and even then, the sounds were ghastly.

D’Agosto gives a competent
though rather wooden performance. He wasn’t very successful at appearing scared
or worried which was problematic due to the fact that those were his two
primary states in the movie. On the other hand, Bell, who plays Sam’s
girlfriend Molly, was far better at conveying these emotions which make you
connect more with her rather than with him. Fisher turns in a good performance
as Sam’s friend Peter who is unable to cope with the stress of the bridge
accident and with the fact that his girlfriend Candice (Wroe) was the first of
the survivors to die. He is slowly driven crazy by his looming death and is
consequently reduced to a ‘kill or be killed’ mentality that enables him to
contemplate cold blooded murder.

The 3D was really cool here.
You start off the movie with the title sequence filled with splintering glass
and heavy objects swinging around and smashing everywhere before moving on to
the film where again you have a whole load of precariously placed heavy objects.
Metal rods impale people, cars fall on top of their heads and severed hands are
flung out towards you. The 3D really does give the action that extra oomph to
even freak out the most experienced of horror movie aficionados. And while some
of the effects looked rather fake, including the blood and a few of the
explosions, the sheer brutality is enough to make you overlook it.

These freak accidents rattle
you because they could happen. They’re highly unlikely but not impossible. So,
if you have an overactive imagination and already see death everywhere, spare
yourself. However if you do like horror movies of the marginally realistic kind,
this one will fill your blood-and-scares quota. 

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360 Tip

Just in case the movie doesn’t satisfy your blood-lust, right before the credits is a montage of all the (amazingly brutal) deaths from the previous movies to the tune of AC/DC’s 'If You Want Blood (You’ve Got It)'.

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