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Green Lantern

Green Lantern: Disappointing Comic Book Crossover

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  • Action & AdventureScience Fiction
  • Martin Campbell
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Omar Atef
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Green Lantern: Disappointing Comic Book Crossover

Cocky U.S Air Force test pilot Hal Jordan’s (Reynolds) life is changed forever when he witnesses to a UFO crash. After rescuing the creature inside, he’s given a
ring that grants him extraordinary powers. Accepting this unknown quest, Hal is
introduced to an outer-space network of  peer ‘Lanterns’ that he has become a part of. Meanwhile,
on Earth, sinister scientist Hector Hammond (Sarsgaard) has successfully made contact
with Parallax, an evil force aiming to invade Planet Earth, and grants him
with supernatural telekinetic abilities that he will use to get his revenge
against the people who wronged him in true villain fashion. And so naturally,
in true hero fashion, it is down to the Green Lantern to save the world from total

as another comic book adaptation, Green
’s plot is perhaps just a little too close to other comic book films
such as Spiderman. In Green Lantern, you have the confused
hero trying to cope with the resposibility of his powers, the mad but misunderstood scientist who lashes out at the world, and of course the girl (Lively) who helps the hero along his journey. Only the scenery and the names differ from the Spiderman plot.

Green Lantern’s CGI has nothing new
to offer, just like the plot. As a matter of fact, the film will fail to
impress even die-hard Green Lantern comic book
fans. The biggest problem with this film is that it drags on too long and focuses too much on the Lanterns’
world. Despite the decent special effects, half of the film is wasted on
uninteresting and unexciting actions sequences, where unnecessary line-up of
alien characters fail to entertain or impress. The action scenes feel
familiar and a little like videogames. Sure, there are some thrilling moments,
but they weren’t as intense as promised.

terms of acting, Reynolds delivers a wooden performance and it seems that the
film’s producers are banking on his good looks bringing in the audiences, not
his acting chops. Sarsgaard gives an exaggerated and over-the-top performance
as the villain; he’s neither threatening nor sinister enough. And then there’s Lively, who has awkward and forced on-screen chemistry with
Reynolds. However, Strong’s performance as Sinestro was another notch on the
British actor’s belt, having turned in a string of impressive performances in Sherlock Holmes, Robin Hood, Kick-Ass and Syriana.  

Green Lantern has never maintained as strong a presence
in the mainstream as the likes of Spiderman and X-Men, and so the film really needed to
come forward with something truly original to succeed. Unfortunately, it will
probably go down as a comic book crossover flop.

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Quentin Tarantino was considered to direct this film.

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