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Hall Pass

Hall Pass: Farrelly Brothers’ Latest Lewd Comedy

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Omar Atef
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Hall Pass: Farrelly Brothers’ Latest Lewd Comedy

Rick (Wilson)
and Fred (Sudeikis) are best friends who have been married for years and are beginning to get restless about their monogamous lives and miss being single. Sensing their restlessness, their wives (Fischer and
Applegate) grant them the chance of their lifetime. In order to save
their marriages, they offer their husbands a ‘hall pass’: one week of freedom
to do whatever they want with whomever, guilt-free.

first, it sounds too good to be true for Rick and Fred. However, they soon realise
the consequences of being single once again and how difficult it can be to
approach women with their old flirting methods. Things get even more complicated when the wives decide they want a hall pass too, and what follows is a series of mishaps, mixups and a few slapstick gags for good measure.

As the film’s
writers and directors, the Farrelly brothers often offer comedic material
that is not neccessarily for everyone. While some audiences consider their films
crudely offensive, others love that element of offensive material in their work. Film critics tend to slaughter their films in terms of plot,
acting and logic in general. Still, they have brought us outrageously funny
films such as Dumb and Dumber, There’s Something About Mary and Me, Myself
and Irene.

In Hall Pass,
the story mainly relies on the sticky situations that the lead stars end up
in, the vulgar language used and their dirty pick-up lines accompanied by plenty of sex jokes. It’s pretty obvious that the film’s major streak is
the script. Though it’s not that funny, Wilson and Sudeikis try
their best to make the script work. Sudeikis’ physical comedy is a little bit annoying
and over the top at many points in the film. Applegate and Fischer give fine performances as the suffering wives, though their comedic
talents aren’t shown off enough in this film.

If you’re a
loyal fan of the Farrelly brothers’ films, then you’ll enjoy Hall Pass; even if the film is a step down from their previous works.

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360 Tip

Producers paid US$200,000 for the rights to use the Law & Order dunt-dunt sound for the ‘Day X’ title cards.

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