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Morning Glory

Morning Glory: Bringing Back the Re-Make

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Morning Glory: Bringing Back the Re-Make

everywhere tend to anticipate the worst about any remake of a classic. In the
case of Morning Glory, there’s no comparison between the two films as the gap
is over 65 years. The original featured the brilliant Katharine Hepburn back in
1933 and was indeed a solid film, but not as much of a comedy as the new version.

A young television
producer Becky Fuller (McAdams) is offered a job in trying to revitalize a
morning show that’s basically down-the-drains. Becky thinks that this failing
television show is in fact her one-way ticket to success. She has no choice but
to work with anchors Mike Pomeroy (Ford) and Colleen Peck (Keaton), which will
eventually lead to anger management sessions. To make matters even more
complicated, she gets heavily involved in a relationship, a matter that she has
very little knowledge about. We get to share Becky’s soon-to-be-true dreams,
her complete disaster of a love life, and her interaction with the rest of the

The cast is
absolutely likable, whether it’s young dreamy McAdams, or the grumpy but funny
Ford, or even the harmless but raging Keaton. The film also includes a fine
supporting cast of names such as Patrick Wilson (who plays Becky’s love interest
Adam) and Jeff Goldblum (who gives Becky her dream job). McAdams gives a
pleasant and charming performance, while Ford is always a delight to watch, no matter
what genre he’s in. The only criticism of his performance is that he tends to
overdo his character’s crankiness. On the other hand, Keaton is obviously playing
the same role she has been playing for almost more than a decade now – the outwardly
civilized woman with suppressed rage issues. In other words, she explodes when
she’s off the air, unlike Ford, who’s at it 24/7.

The film is well-produced
and has a witty script that’s far from dull. As for the filming, the usual type
of shooting or camerawork for such light romantic comedies is no different here;
it’s standard without annoying editing cuts. Morning Glory also has nice cinematography that shows New York City from
beautiful angles that show off the city as one of the most remarkable cities in
the world – typical Hollywood style!

Morning Glory is certainly a
recommendation for anyone   looking for a
light and entertaining film. Although you won’t be necessarily falling out of your
seat with laughter, it is pleasant throughout its 95 minutes of running time. An
entertaining surprise; check it out!

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360 Tip

Many of the news broadcasts that were used in the film were real news pieces.

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