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Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare: Subjectively Enjoyable

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Truth or Dare: Subjectively Enjoyable

As a kid, when you had to take a shot, it was awful. You dreaded it for days and when it was finally time to take the injection, to your surprise it was not as bad as you had originally thought. The injection still hurt, just not as much as you thought it would. That’s exactly what happened with Truth or Dare, it seemed awful and looked dreadful but, to the surprise of many, it was not that bad.

Truth or Dare is about a group of college friends enjoying spring break in Mexico, when they are led to an abandoned church where they play a game of truth or dare. After returning home, the group realises that the game is real and it followed them back home, constantly asking them, through some form of hallucinations, to pick between truth or dare. If they lie, cheat, and/or do not accomplish the dare, or refuse to play, they die. So, with one group member after another falling victim to the game, the survivors attempt to find a way to finish, it while remaining alive.

Seems silly? It is.

The film’s plot is not that original and seems very juvenile, which was expected from the trailer. However, the execution of certain scenes, and the overall structure of the film, was able to hold the audience’s attention, despite the fact that they had no doubt that film’s premise was somewhat ridiculous.

The main reason the film was able to captivate the audience’s attention throughout was that it created characters that are relatable and likable with personal details, backstories and somewhat complex relationship dynamics. This added some thickness to the otherwise thin plot.

The group of friends included Olivia (Lucy Hale), who did a good job with her natural facial expressions and ability to avoid the over the top performance trap that many actors fall into. Also in the cast is Tyler Posey playing Lucas; Posey did well in the heartthrob department, but not so well in the acting department with barely any remarkable portrayal of emotion from him throughout the entire film. Playing Markie, Lucas’s girlfriend and Olivia’s best friend, is Violett Beane who was adequately able to convey her troubled girl role.

Will this film win an Oscar? Not even if hell freezes over. Is it a sophisticated and complex film? Not at all. Is it watchable and subjectively enjoyable? Yes, very much so. So, if you are a horror flick fan, and you don’t care about the depth of it all, then this is your kind of film.


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360 Tip

Despite the central characters being teenagers, Hayden Szeto and Nolan Gerard Funk are 32 and 31 years of age, leaving only Violett Beane the closest to an adolescent age at 21.

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