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Beeja: Sohour With a Spectacular View of the River Nile

Beeja Egyptian Cuisine food review Ramadan sohour
Beeja: Sohour With a Spectacular View of the River Nile

Ramadan nights in Egypt are like no other. Last year, we all missed that nostalgic ambience that made this month particularly memorable. That’s why this year, many places wanted to rekindle this heartwarming flame with unique setups and offerings. However, finding a nice Sohour place that serves good quality food and fast service could be challenging. That’s where Beeja comes in; suitably located in Biota in Zamalek, it boasts a mesmerising view and breezy atmosphere.

Beeja outside Ramadan serves up a diverse menu full of mouthwatering Egyptian delicacies. Moreover, during Ramadan, a Sohour menu has been curated to suit everyone’s taste; you can choose from two set menu options or choose whatever you want from the a la carte menu. We reserved a table before heading there a few days before to guarantee availability. We entered Biota and got to our table; we picked one just beside the Nile. The overall atmosphere felt inviting and chic; dim indirect lights, soft music, and stylish Ramadan decoration were scattered all around.

We decided to order from the a la carte to try everything. We started our order with Spicy Stuffed Falafel (35 LE), which are falafel stuffed with a mix of spicy tomatoes and onions. The falafel tasted delightfully vibrant, but it was dense; it wasn’t fluffy as it should be. Then, from the salad section, we got one Tabouleh (45 LE). The Tabouleh tasted fresh and citrusy – so it was a great palette cleanser throughout the meal.

There was a main course section, but it didn’t quite suit the Sohour feel. We decided to shift our attention to more Sohour-suitable plates; hence, we ordered one Sunny Side Up Eggs (45 LE) and one Sujouk Mezze (70 LE) – mini sausages with pomegranate molasses. Both dishes were enjoyable and sizable; the eggs were satisfyingly runny, and the sausage meat was good quality and adequately seasoned.

We split everything and decided to stuff our tummies with one sweet item to share from the dessert section. We got one Mini Feteer with Custard and Nuts (75 LE) – they had a few more sweet and savoury options, but custard filling sounded tempting. The feteer took some time to arrive but looked very appealing with the sugar, raisins, and nuts on top. Moreover, the dough was fresh, though the custard filling needed to be more for sure.

Beeja is one of those incredible places you can visit if you’re in the mood for a calm, pocket-friendly, and quiet Levantine Sohour. Being on the Nile with fresh air and great food makes Beeja an experience rather than a regular outing. 

360 Tip

Order the Feteer before you finish your Sohour because it might take some time to arrive.

Best Bit

The breezy ambience.

Worst Bit

The Feteer.

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