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Boulevard: New Pizza Menu Impresses at Point 90 Branch

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Ramy Soliman
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Boulevard: New Pizza Menu Impresses at Point 90 Branch

This is our third official visit to Boulevard’s Point 90 branch; we’ve heard a lot about their new pizza menu, so we’ve decided to give this place a third chance and, thankfully, it was far from disappointing.

What was once a café-style pizza, has now been transformed into a very impressive Neapolitan, with the aid of novel and imported ingredients. The pizza was not the only thing to receive a makeover; their menu was entirely  revamped, accordingly making the venue home to some newcomers. Since we were there to try out their new pizza menu, we decided to stick to ordering items exclusively from this menu.

For our appetiser, we ordered the Panko Camembert (70LE). Two huge pieces of fried Camembert cheese with a super crunchy panko crust, topped with cherry coulis, served on brown bread, arrived at our table. The camembert was perfectly stretchy, and had a pleasant saltiness to it. This saltiness acted as the perfect companion to the cherries’ sweet and tart like flavour.  We were super impressed with the diversity of textures and flavours served up by this sole appetiser. The dish was flawless, except for maybe the brown bread: an element which was a bit out of place.

As per the main courses, we opted for the Boulevard Special (105LE) and the Mare Monti (120LE). The Boulevard Special arrived, as promised by the menu: topped with sausage, pepperoni, jalapeno, fresh mozzarella, tomato sauce, and grated Parmesan cheese. From the puffy edges, to the random chars on the edges, and finally to the thin and soft crust, one can say that the dough was just perfectly baked. The toppings, on the other hand, were quite overpowering, to the extent where we found ourselves unable to get any taste of the tomato sauce. Overall, this pizza is a great choice for those who enjoy cheesy and meaty flavours, with a spicy twist.

The Mare Monti is very interesting: it is half pizza, half calzone! The pizza part was topped with broccoli, shrimps, and salmon. We loved how the tomato sauce was perfectly seasoned, and possessed delicate flavours. The seafood, however, was far from overcooked. Meanwhile, the calzone part was stuffed with a decent amount of mushrooms, cheese, and tomato. This last point indicates the extent to which the essentials of a pizza were executed properly by and at Boulevard. The only thing that could improve this dish would be adding some flavour to its seafood component, as it was extremely bland on its own.

When it comes to dessert, we were initially going to try the Nutella Calzone, but the Choco Lotus (70LE) caught our eyes. Sadly, the dessert was a disappointment. The cake was extremely dense with a fudge-like texture, and it lacked the sweet and chocolaty flavours that one would expect. Additionally, aside from the Lotus biscuit on top, we didn’t feel the Lotus’ presence. The dish’s presentation could have also been improved.

Overall, we had a great time at Boulevard. We absolutely loved the appetiser, the new pizza menu, and the service was excellent and fast. We can safely say that we would come back again.

360 Tip

Boulevard serves breakfast. 

Best Bit

The fried camembert, and the pizza!

Worst Bit

The dessert. 

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