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Delifrance: International Pastry Chain in El Rehab

  • Shop No. 401, 402, New Market
  • International
  • 8AM - 10PM -
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Ahmed El Mezeny
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Delifrance: International Pastry Chain in El Rehab

Located behind the old market
in El Rehab City, Delifrance is a patisserie offering a large variety of
sweet and savoury pastries, breads and sandwiches as well as salads and even main
courses such as chicken and steak smothered in sauce.

An international chain, Delifrance
has over 500 locations worldwide, but this branch in El Rehab is the only one in
so far.

The patisserie has a couple
of tables lining the long storefront window, with a view of the parking lot and
one of the larger streets in El Rehab. You’ll rarely find anyone sitting inside,
though; people seem to treat this venue as either a delivery or takeaway joint.

Delifrance provides an
amusing little variation of your typical pizza. The pizza baguette (22LE) is a
sliced open baguette covered in your choice of toppings with a mild pizza sauce
and mozzarella cheese. The baguette is then baked, which makes it crunchy on
the outside, warm and flavourful in the centre; a perfect way to start off your

If you order a sandwich,
you’re in for a treat. They use the freshest of bread, which is toasted to
perfection. The four-cheese sandwich (20LE) is a little more than a regular
grilled cheese with several different types of cheese melted on each other.
It’s an extremely enjoyable sandwich aside from the unfortunate addition of
processed cheese. Try the same sandwich in ciabatta (the ciabatta cheeselover)
for a better experience.

The roast beef salad (28LE) consists
of four slices of roast beef and processed cheese served on a bed of rocket, iceberg
lettuce red beans as well as corn and a light vinaigrette dressing. If you
manage to get all the contents in one mouthful, your taste-buds are in for a
treat; yet again, the addition of processed cheese makes it a little less

Delifrance has an extensive
list of sweet treats. Even if you’re not looking to wrap up your meal with a
fantastic apple tart (15LE) or brownie, you can just come in to pick up one of
their freshly baked sweet goods to satisfy your sugar cravings later.

Try Delifrance if you need to
pick up something light or a quick deli sandwich on your way to work, their
salads are also tasty with no calories hidden in overloaded dressing. El Rehab City residents in search of freshly baked
pastries and bread will be happy to find this very worthwhile option. 

360 Tip

There’s a butcher right next to Delifrance, so you can grab meat and bread in one go.

Best Bit

Amazingly tasty and fresh bread and pastries.

Worst Bit

Processed cheese pops up in the most random of food items.

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