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Ready For Some Sweet Goodness? Here’s Bouchée, Our New Favourite Gourmet Bakery In Korba

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Ready For Some Sweet Goodness? Here’s Bouchée, Our New Favourite Gourmet Bakery In Korba

What do you think of when you think of France? Do you imagine having a cup of coffee at a café facing the Eiffel Tower on a rainy day? That doesn’t matter because if you do, you’ll be glad to know you can get a little slice of France at El Korba’s Bouchée. 

Since French cuisine is difficult to find in Egypt unless it’s insanely commercialised, Bouchée comes in like a fresh breath of air, with desserts filled with delectable flavours that will have you soaring through the clouds with every single bite. 

We’re not building up your expectations without anything to back it up either, since we went to try the Bouchée experience for ourselves! On a sunny Friday afternoon, we decided to visit the French bakery (or ‘patisserie’, as the French would say) for a little weekend treat. We found the place right next to TBS, nestled into the Korba streets like the hidden gem it is.

Naturally, the first thing we had to order was coffee. So we ordered an Iced Spanish Latte (LE 43) and an Iced Caramel Latte (LE 43). We were pleasantly surprised with the first drink’s balanced coffee-to-milk ratio and the right amount of sweetness. While tasting just as good, the latter drink had no caramel flavour and felt subpar.

After that, we made our own sandwich from their gourmet sandwich stand and decided on their Turkey (LE 65) – white baguette, smoked turkey, Emmental cheese, tomato, and spicy mayo. The bread had the perfect texture, a crispy outside and as soft a cloud on the inside. The tastiest part of the sandwich was the turkey, which we loved because it was a turkey breast cutlet rather than the processed, smoked turkey as is customary in other establishments and supermarkets.

We also ordered the Roast Beef Sandwich (LE 74) – roast beef, focaccia bread, cheddar cheese, lettuce, pickles, and relish. Mouthwatering and light, this sandwich made us feel like we were strolling through the Italian countryside on a bright sunny day. Adding pickles boosted the taste, and the roast beef meshed well with the other ingredients.

Now, here comes the best part (and the part we know you’ve all been waiting for): Dessert time!

We began our dessert journey by ordering the Flan Aux Fraise (LE 43) – round puff pastry dough with custard, fresh strawberries, and mint – and instantly fell in love. For one thing, this pastry didn’t have the intense buttery flavour most Egyptian pastries have. It actually felt just a tad crispy, making it even tastier and easier to enjoy (and down in a few bites).

Hyping up our expectations with a great first dessert, we couldn’t resist ordering the Caramel Cake (LE 87) – round layers of caramel sauce, apricot confit, sponge cake and almonds – which proved to be the perfect choice. The cake had many layers that blended together beautifully, with the addition of the apricot confit, giving it the perfect touch of tangy-sweetness it needed.

Because we couldn’t go to El Korba’s Parisian gem without trying its macarons, we ordered the special Peanut Caramel Macaron (LE 21). This one had a strong peanut flavour, so if you don’t enjoy peanuts, we suggest you steer clear of this dessert. 

Here’s a flavour of macaron that might appeal to most tastes, though: The Exotic Macaron (LE 21). A mix of mango, coconut, and passionfruit, this macaron tastes like summer on the beach! No, we’re not exaggerating. You may, however, feel that the coconut is too strong.

Overall, we enjoyed Bouchée and its delightful experience. We stand by our earlier words, too—if it’s the Parisian experience you seek, it’s the one you shall find once you pay this bakery a visit.

360 Tip

If you’re a large group, we don’t suggest you go for a sit-down experience because the place is relatively small and cosy, but perfect for a two-person outing.

Best Bit

Focaccia Roast Beef Sandwich

Worst Bit

Peanut Caramel Macaron

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