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These Two Applications Are Bringing Mummy Meals to the Workplace

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These Two Applications Are Bringing Mummy Meals to the Workplace
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Nothing beats a home-cooked meal, especially when it is cooked by your mum, except for maybe the occasional junk food binge, and at other – secret – times, the home-cooked meals of your friend’s mother, but we never admit that, do we?

Seeing as young working adults never have the time, nor the effort, nor the skills to cook, they opt for ordering food, but this option is often unhealthy and costly. Two Egyptian startups have tapped into this gap, and created homemade food delivery solutions. Yumamia and Mumm are websites/applications that allow hungry users to order delicious, and nutritious, homemade meals.  

With menus that get updated daily, you’ll never run out of new options. It’s like having your mum deliver your meals at work. Each app boasts its own set of bonus features; whether it’s the menus themselves, the different discount options, or even allowing you to order frozen meals, these guys have got you covered. 

The people cooking the meals utilized by these applications are individuals who have a knack for cooking delicious meals. If you wish, you can apply and become a cook for one of the apps, get your meals delivered to hungry Cairenes, and make some extra cash. 

We also have to say that the meals are pretty affordable; a medium meal (ideal for lunch) costs approximately 35 EGP, whilst a large meal (ideal for a dinner, a big lunch, and/or a shared lunch) costs around 75 EGP. If you compare these prices, with those of any junk food place, you will likely find that  Yumamia and Mumm offer a much better alternative (especially considering the source of the food, the food’s quality, and the portion sizes). 

Our favourite thing about both these apps, however, has to be the fact that most of their cooks are women; we love seeing initiatives that make it easier for stay at home mums, and women in general, to conveniently make a living.  Indeed, it’s always exciting to see new Egyptian startups, which exhibit a high degree of social awareness. 


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