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Tourism Restaurant Taher

Tourism Restaurant Taher: Who’s Up For a Little Brain?

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Hannah Cooper
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Tourism Restaurant Taher: Who’s Up For a Little Brain?

Whether you’re a picky eater or not,
we tend to get comfortable with our foods of choice and rarely venture outside the
box to try something that’s new and odd to our palates.  

While both chicken and beef liver
are known delicacies in Egypt,
the brain is a body part rarely explored by fine diners. However, it’s known among street-food
connoisseurs to pair quite well with the liver region. Although the idea of
eating it seems a bit zombie-like; we decided to give it a shot nonetheless.  

Located on the corner of Falaki Street and
Tahrir Street in Downtown Cairo is Tourism Restaurant Taher, a restaurant known
for its exquisite brain. While the restaurant has an indoor dining area on the
first floor, it’s better known for its take-away service. Head around the
corner onto Falaki Street
and if you have the guts; place your order at the second door on the left.  

The restaurant’s menu consists of
two main dishes: brain and liver. Once you order, take a seat as the wait may
take up to 30 minutes; which we attribute to the fact that they’re careful
about handling the parts of a cow.  

For 45LE, half a kilo of beef liver
and brain are served with plenty of baladi bread, tomato and cucumber salad,
as well as baba ghanough and fried eggplant. Each side dish is extremely fresh and could
possibly be the best in the Downtown area.  

Deep-fried and cut into small
portions, the brain’s texture takes some getting used to with its squishy
nature and, well, the idea that you’re eating a brain. Paired with the salad
and thrown into a soft piece of baladi bread, it provides just enough crunch.  

Eaten alongside the brain, the liver
is served sliced into delicate, thin fillets and seasoned to perfection with a
bit of a bite.  

If you’re up for an adventure and
exploring a little more of the moo in your life; head to Tourism Restaurant Taher
for a fine taste of intelligence.  

360 Tip

Get your brain take away and settle in for an afternoon drink at El Horreya. It just seems right.

Best Bit

For half a kilo of meat and tasty, hearty side portions; you can't beat the price at Tourism Restaurant Taher.

Worst Bit

If you tend to visualise your meal being alive; beware.

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