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Zia Amelia: Authentic Italian Flavours in Downtown Gouna

Gouna Italian food restaurant
Zia Amelia: Authentic Italian Flavours in Downtown Gouna

There are many cuisines around the world, but perhaps none of them is as popular as Italian. The chances of someone not liking the aromatic smell and luscious taste of Italian dishes are highly unlikely. The Italian cuisine offers a broad canopy of exceptionally diverse dishes, and the best part of all this deliciousness is that they are made from fresh and simple ingredients. Since Gouna season is just around the corner, we couldn’t miss the chance to try the established “It” place in Gouna that has been wowing goers with its spot-on flavour profiles and great ambience. 

We headed to Downtown Gouna around early afternoon to enjoy our brunch with a side of cocktails in the breezy weather. Zia Amelia starts serving lunch and cocktails at 2 PM; before that, pizza, wines, beers, and a few more options are available only. We decided to start the meal with two cocktails: one  Aperol Spritz (180 LE ) – Aperol, Prosecco, orange slice, and ice, and one Negroni (180 LE) – gin, Martini, and Campari with orange peel. The cocktails were flawless; the alcohol to sweetness ratios was on point, and the zesty flavours gracefully complemented the sunny atmosphere. Soon after, we ordered the Pat Salad (120 LE) – Parmigiano, almonds, tomatoes, rocket, sun-dried tomatoes, and tuna sauce. This salad was delectable in every way; the authentic Parmigiano Reggiano taste and the sauce’s unique flavour meshed effortlessly with the freshness of the tomatoes and rocket. Our second round of drinks was just as delightful; we got one Lemoncello (180 LE) – An Italian lemon liqueur mainly produced in southern Italy, and one Manhattan (180 LE) – whiskey, sweet vermouth, and bitters. Both cocktails were balanced and paved the way perfectly as aperitifs to our lovely meal ahead.

For our main dishes, we went with the Grilled Salmon (275 LE) from the fish section, and we also got the Ossobuco (325 LE) – slow-cooked veal shanks with bone marrow. The salmon was heavenly; the quality was unmatched, and the cook of the steak was perfectly tender and pink. The dish was so tasty it didn’t even need seasoning or a sauce, and the homemade fries were more than enough. The ossobuco was just as satisfying; the meat was mouth-watering and fork-tender, and the side vegetables were cooked to perfection alongside the creamy mashed potatoes.

We decided to end our meal with one Crème Brule (110 LE) after ordering a Margherita Pizza (150 LE) as a takeaway. The Crème Brule wasn’t as smooth and tender as we expected, but it was sizable and sugar balanced. However, we enjoyed our pizza tremendously; the dough was tasty and fluffy, and the taste of the sauce and creaminess of the cheese gave an authentic taste.

Our visit to Zia Amelia was an unforgettable one for sure. Our bartender was quite friendly, attentive, and rather delightful, and the quality of the ingredients was more than perfect. If you’re in the mood for authentic Italian flavours In Gouna, there is no better place to enjoy a lovely evening with great food and drinks and even better service.


360 Tip

You can find authentic Italian pork dishes on offer; however, you can substitute these dishes with halal Italian veal or beef according to availability.

Best Bit

The cocktails and the quality of the ingredients used

Worst Bit

The Crème Brule

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