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Abu Auf

Abu Auf: Fresh and Delicious Nuts in City Stars

  • Omar Ibn El Khattab St., 1st floor, opposite Spinney’s
  • Fruit & Vegetable
  • 10AM - 12AM -
reviewed by
Salma Tantawi
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Abu Auf: Fresh and Delicious Nuts in City Stars

their nutritious value, nuts are also a delicious snack for a night in front of
the TV or in times when chocolate just doesn’t do it. The good news is that nut
shops are practically everywhere in Cairo, but seldom do we find one that
provides premium quality and numerous options of similar products, until we
stumbled upon Abu Auf’s new branch in Citystars, right in front of Spinney’s on
Phase 1’s ground floor.

Abu Auf
isn’t just about nuts and kernels; it’s about everything you can munch on as a
quick snack. From biscuits to individual-sized nougats and amar el din pieces,
Abu Auf has whatever is needed for a night in with some films, all in
bright-coloured decorations and with helpful staff.

comes with its price, though; a kilo of raw cashews that can be used in cooking
or as an extra on salads will set you back 110LE, while it will reach 135LE if you
want roasted and salted cashews. It’s worth every pound, though; it’s crunchy
to perfection and will remain fresh for a long time thanks to their sealable
packages. You can get them free of any oils as well.

The shop is
always well-stocked on various nuts and sweets and the staff always welcomes
you to sample whatever you like.  Abu Auf
is known for its mixing and matching of different flavours such as the
supreme mix (14LE for 100gm), which consists of cashew, pistachios and almonds.
You should also try the Cheese munchies, which are cheese-flavoured and extra
crispy corn flakes.

If you’re a
sweet tooth like this reviewer, the centre of the shop is where you should head
straight to. Sweets are available by kilo or by piece. A kilo of sliced and dried
mango costs 110LE; while a kilo of sugar-coated almonds costs 45LE.

The third
wall of the shop is lined with shelves that feature appetising pickle jars and
cookies. A large jar of Jalapeño peppers costs just 16LE. They also always have
freshly baked cookies and crackers besides the biscuit brands sitting on the
cashier counter, where you’ll be greeted with a strong aroma of coffee beans in
tall plastic containers – a kilo of dark Arabian coffee
ranges around 105LE.  

Abu Auf
provides fresh and high-quality nuts in decent packaging and somewhat high
prices. It’s a valuable addition to Citystars; this part of Cairo can use some
more nut shops like Abu Auf.     

360 Tip

No need to get up from the couch, Abu Auf delivers! 

Best Bit

High quality products and friendly staff.

Worst Bit

Might be overpriced and usually is crowded.

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