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Designy by Amr Helmy: A Comprehensive & Affordable Furniture Hub

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Designy by Amr Helmy: A Comprehensive & Affordable Furniture Hub
written by
Sherif Khairy

Furnishing your home is a hectic hassle, from prioritising your pieces according to a budget, or finding the best designers to create a lasting piece of furniture that actually looks good. Betrothed couples may have a hard time settling on designers and getting their furniture in place. But aside from the most famous names with unrealistic prices, there are other designers that provide you with reasonable prices while not compromising quality.

Today we talk to you about Designy, a subsidiary brand of Amr Helmy Designs, one of the most famous furniture designers in Egypt. What separates Designy from the rest of the competition is their unique style. Their designs are modern and unlike a lot of what you see in regular design homes. They have everything from simple pieces with subtle colours, to popping pieces of furniture that can add a bit of glitz and glam to your space.

Designy Egypt has options for your living room, dining room, bedrooms, bathrooms, and even for a kid’s room. They also have a few pieces of outdoor furniture. Their website is so easy to navigate, and will give you an idea of their style and price range, but of course, nothing tops visiting their branches.

What we especially like about Designy is that they can accommodate your individual needs. For example, you can choose something from their readily available kitchen designs, and they will tailor it your kitchen’s measurements. 

Designy Egypt is associated with Amr Helmy Designs, which means you can be sure of their quality, and they strike the perfect balance by matching high quality with reasonable prices. Check out their website here, or visit their showroom in El-Hadaba El-Wusta, right off the Ring Road.