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The Cairo 360 Editors’ Choice Awards: The Best High-End Fashion Stores in Cairo

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The Cairo 360 Editors’ Choice Awards: The Best High-End Fashion Stores in Cairo
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Cairo 360

This list includes Cairo’s best high-end fashion stores that offer the latest trends, as well as the fruits of Egypt’s finest designers. Here’s to the venues that we turn to for a proper dose of shopping:


Boho Gallery:

One of the very first fashion boutiques to exist in town, the long-standing Boho Gallery offers an endless spectrum of items that will keep your wardrobe fresh. Not only that, but Boho Gallery also has a collection of unique home-décor items.


Villa Baboushka:

Zamalek’s swanky fashion hub encloses various fashion items by well-known international brands including Vivienne Westwood, Maggy London, as well as Poleci, Mara Hoffman, and Robert Rodriguez. The place also offers a wide selection of furniture by renowned international and local designers, including Nihal Zaki.


Maison 69:

From home accessories, Kelims, paintings, and stationery, to a wide range of colour-organised fashion pieces; Maison 69 is a fashion jungle in which every shopaholic dreams to get lost.


Boutique 17:

A sanctuary for those who are looking for trendy pieces that can’t be found anywhere else in town, the not-so-spacious Boutique 17 has an option for every occasion. Despite not being so spacious, the Zamalek branch is well-organised.


Orange Square:

We know how hard it is to maintain your six-packs in a country that prides itself in having one the tastiest cuisines in the world. However, a well-tailored suit is all you need to get the looks and charm of James bond, and that’s exactly what Orange Square’s expertise lies; offering suits that will make heads turn.



Forget about your average high-street fashion brands, First Mall’s Beymen is where you turn to if you wear nothing but Fendi, Chloe, Hermes, and the likes.


Sami Amin:

The Egyptian brand has made it its mission to celebrate the artistic aspect of our rich culture; transfiguring traditional elements into a wearable work of art, be it a bag or fashion accessories. Sami Amin also has a range of home accessories that carry the same concept.



The local brand happens to be one of the few that offer genuine-leather products that follow the latest trends. Boasting a wide range of casual and classic bags and accessories for both sexes, Tuya is also famous for its quality products that are worth every penny.