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A Lasting Legacy: Revisiting 5 Iconic Roles by Shereen Seif El Nasr

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A Lasting Legacy: Revisiting 5 Iconic Roles by Shereen Seif El Nasr
written by
Malak Gharib
Image via Al Ahram

On the 13th of April, actress Shereen Seif El Nasr passed away at just 57 years old, leaving behind a legacy of cinematic masterpieces. Her journey into the world of cinema and television began in the late 1980s when she ventured into television dramas, captivating audiences with her powerful performances and undeniable charisma. From co-starring alongside icons Adel Emam and Ahmed Zaky to commanding lead roles in some of our favourite TV shows, Shereen Seif El Nasr left an indelible mark on our hearts. To celebrate her memory, let’s revisit five unforgettable roles she played throughout her career.


Amir Al Zalam 

Still from Amir Al Zalam

Co-starring alongside Adel Emam, Youssef Dawood, and Donia Abd Elaziz, Amir Al Zalam was a turning point in Egyptian cinema. The movie was produced in 2002 and grossed over nine million EGP at the box office. Shereen’s role as Aliaa, the love interest of the lead actor, was touching and brought a lightness to the movie’s intense plot. 


Sawaq Al Hanem 

Still from Sawaq Al Hanem

With its stellar cast, Sawaq Al Hanem was a widely anticipated movie in the early nineties. Starring Ahmed Zaky, Shereen Seif El Nasr, Abla Kamel, Sabreen, and Adel Adham, the promising cast didn’t disappoint its fans. The movie tackled pressing issues, including sexual harassment and the emotional absence of parents, all through the eyes of the household’s new and wise driver, Hamada. Shereen starred as the family’s young spoiled daughter who eventually falls in love with the driver, and her captivating and heartfelt performance stood out to all. 


Al Nawm Fi Al Aasal 

Still from Al Nawm Fi Al Aasal

Released in 1996, Al Nawm Fi Al Aasal starred Adel Emam and Youssra, with Shereen Seif Al Nasr portraying the young journalist, Salma. Salma works with Officer Magdy Nour (played by Adel Emam) on an investigation and struggles to bring the story to light due to lies and secrecy. 


Al Les Alazy Ohebo

Still from Al Les Alazy Ohebo

Seif Al Nasr also stood out when it came to comedy. With exceptional humour, she presented a memorable performance in Al Les Alazy Ohebo alongside a stellar cast of talented comedians such as Hany Ramzy, Hassan Hosny, and Sherif Mounir. The series was a delight to many, and although released in 1997, it’s still watched to this day.


Wa Man Alathy La Yuhibu Fatma?

Image via AlYoumAlSabe3

With broken Arabic and blonde hair, Shereen came back in 1996 with a unique role that shone brightly in her acting career as Margaret. Wa Man Alathy La Yuhibu Fatma? revolves around a man who struggles after his girlfriend’s family rejects his marriage proposal and loses his job. He travels to Austria on a mission to seek new opportunities, receiving help from a group of Egyptian immigrants. There, he runs into Margaret, and their love story takes off.