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Ferrero Bouquet

Ferrero Bouquet: The Ultimate Two-in-One Gift

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Dina Mokhtar
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Ferrero Bouquet: The Ultimate Two-in-One Gift

In spite of everything that makes us daydream about the minute we get away from Cairo, one of the perks of living in such a unique city is that you can shop almost anything online and get it delivered to your doorstep; groceries, appliances, clothes and even gifts.

One of the latest we stumbled upon via Facebook is Ferrero Bouquet; an online gift shop that offers a range of edible bouquets, which are mainly formed of the deliciously irresistible Ferrero Rocher chocolates, bunched with flowers.

For those you who weren’t granted the patience to come up with a unique gift, Ferrero Bouquet presents a variety of ready-made options that you can choose from. And unlike other online-shopping pages that post pictures of their goodies, but keep the price a mystery to unfold in an inbox message, each design is accompanied by a full description, including the amount of chocolate used, the material of the wrapping and, of course, the price.

From the ready-made designs, we liked a 16-piece bouquet with the chocolates planted among a bunch of pink flowers in a white clay Ikea pot. The arrangement and the colour-scheme are delicate and sweet as whole, but this sweetness comes with the hefty price of 450LE, exclusive of delivery fees.

But there’s also a cheaper version of this design with 14 pieces of chocolate for 220LE; a white pot with a base of red flowers, topped by a mountain of chocolates. This option is not only cute and chic, but also a percentage of its cost goes to Ahl Masr foundation, which means that you will win the heart of your target while helping someone in need.

Apart from pots, Ferrero Bouquet can bunch the chocolate in a more traditional bouquet, but in this case, you will have to check the available colours of wrapping papers and the design. On the page, they have a 20-piece red and black bouquet (280LE), which, despite having a bigger amount of chocolate, it doesn’t look as valuable as the previous designs.

All in all, although we appreciate the people who turn into a complete control freak when it comes to picking the perfect gift for their loved ones, one can’t help but thank goodness for pages like Ferrero Bouquet, who, besides saving you the time and energy to hunt for a gift, offers a creative, good looking and delicious gift that is sure to impress.

360 Tip

Everything's done online, but you can also call them on 01025974299.

Best Bit

It'll be devoured in a less than a minute, but some of the designs are really cute.

Worst Bit

The prices aren't so cute.

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