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Invotis: Quirky Dutch Home Accessories in Citystars

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Invotis: Quirky Dutch Home Accessories in Citystars
Right next door to The Crib – its sister shop – on the ground floor of Citystars, Invotis demands attention with its bright red signage and sparkling shop floor. Originally founded in the Netherlands in 1995, Invotis now has branches worldwide, including several in and around Cairo.

Neatly arranged displays are packed with an array of weird and wonderful home accessories – from novelty lipstick shaped pens (45LE) to whacky alarm clocks constructed from mechanical gears (995LE) – you’re never far from something unique.

For the princesses – or princes – of the kitchen, we spotted a pair of oven mits with a huge gem on the ring finger (110LE) and some ‘2 carat cups’ (85LE-145LE); standard or espresso sized mugs with a diamond ring to slip your finger through, rather than a plain, ordinary handle. We also spotted some cute heart-shaped moulds for frying eggs or pancakes for 55LE and some sushi shaped fridge magnets (65LE/pack of 5). Speaking of sushi, they also sell chopsticks that are attached together with a spring at the top to eradicate any fiddly mess (26LE each).

For the more macho types, there are mugs with pistol handles (190LE+), along with shot glasses of a similar design (155LE/box of 4). A gun shaped candle holder is 195LE and power-plant shaped ashtrays, complete with a chimney to release any smoke costs 160LE.

For the ladies, we spotted some charming doughnut-shaped lip glosses and cool makeup bags adorned with images of cosmetics on the front (65LE). Miniature hot water bottles with cable knit covers were priced at 115LE and little, stuffed, scented dungarees, hung on mini hangers, are made to hang in wardrobes (65LE/pack of 2).

Chocolate bar shaped calculators cost 75LE and fruit jackets – literally zip-up jackets to prevent fruit from bruising – are 110LE each. Flip-flop shaped fly squatters were priced at 95LE.

Large clocks appearing to be made from brown cardboard were priced from 195LE to 230LE, depending on the size. White vases realistically impersonating crumbled paper bags cost from 270LE to 480LE.

Although some of the products may be thought of as a little tacky, we prefer to regard them as fun and unique – though they do come at a price.

360 Tip

The Invotis Facebook page shows a lot of their latest collections. Check it out before ordering to deliver on 01004440501.

Best Bit

The unrivalled collection of fun, up-to-date accessories.

Worst Bit

Some of the prices are a little over the top.

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