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Opio: Subtle Statement-Making Fashion at Local Online Shop

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Opio: Subtle Statement-Making Fashion at Local Online Shop

In a world where we rarely take our faces out of our electronic devices, vendors and business owners have not only found their way to the internet, lest we miss any of their products, but more and more of them in Cairo have also decided to make things easier by offering online purchasing and home delivery. One of the online shops that keeps popping on our Facebook newsfeed is Opio; an Egyptian clothing brand that offers a variety of easy-to-wear and casual fashion items for women.

After a couple of unfortunate experiences with buying clothes online, we’d taken a vow not even to get lured into following a link altogether while we are checking the newsfeed. However, the high-end presentation of the simple-yet-beautiful Drawstring Linen Top enticed us to take a look at their collection.

The aforementioned item is basically a short sleeve white linen crop top with a draw string that pulls the mid-calf long piece back to the front to resemble a dress with a wide front slit. Despite the creative design and the beautiful execution, we couldn’t help but be stunned by the hefty price of 849LE.

We also found a couple of cute tops that are a perfect fit for a summer’s day out; one of them is an off-shoulder striped white top with long wide sleeves (649LE) and another  is a simple bell-shaped sleeve top with a V-shaped neck that comes in baby blue (719LE). But Opio’s bell-shaped tops are not the average kind you get from your regular boutique; the ruffles of the sleeves are not only fuller, but also mid-thigh long.

But as we dived deeper into the store, we noticed that the full long ruffles are relatively simple when compared to other designs. For example; what’s described as a puffy-sleeve maxi block dress with a front slit is actually a short sleeve dress with puffy cuffs of fabric dangling with strings.  Without the latter, we believe that the dress, which costs 949LE, would have been perfect, especially that it boasts the perfect combination of the colours white, pink and blue.

Other dare-to-wear item include Opio’s range of pants; from baggy fringed sweatpants (490LE) and boot-cut sweat pants with knee-high slits on the side (490LE), to asymmetrical harem pants (620LE), whose messy finishing resembles Aladdin’s pants after a rough escape from the guards.

Going through the store, we can tell you that Opio doesn’t offer what you might call ‘safe choices’ when it comes to fashion, and the brand is completely unapologetic about it; it caters to the free spirited, the outgoing, the laid back and, above all, the ones that won’t miss a chance to make a fashion statement.

360 Tip

Check out the sale section on the Opio website for some decent deals.

Best Bit

Unique items that not just anyone would dare to wear.

Worst Bit

Unless you're planning on making a fashion statement, this might not be the shop for you.

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