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Pinocchio Furniture

Pinocchio Furniture: Whimsical Oriental Furniture in Maadi

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Sally Abdel Razek
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Pinocchio Furniture: Whimsical Oriental Furniture in Maadi

The name of this store may conjure up images of a Disney
Italian wooden puppet. However, Pinocchio, located on Nasr Street in New Maadi, contains
beautifully crafted, chic furniture with hints of Oriental inspiration.

’Where wood talks‘ is the store’s motto, and upon stepping inside;
it’s not hard to see why. In fact, we could almost swear a bed that appeared to
be levitating in the corner whispered ‘Buy me!’ as we walked past. The bed is
part of the Scheherazade set (37,300LE) and appears to hover a foot off the
ground due to the design’s incorporation of lights underneath the bed

These are the details that firmly distinguish the bedroom
sets at Pinocchio main-stage and that separate this furniture store from
others. With each turn of a corner in the store, it was as though we were
transported into the luxurious bedrooms of different regal entities. The Sultan
Hassan set (a fitting name) boasted elegantly carved Arabic designs as well as
a swoon-worthy canopied bed. The Flora
set (33,800LE) appeared to have wooden beads and small LED lights raining down
from the bed’s colossal headboard. A conversational piece, to say the least!

The store’s exquisite dining room and living room sets
cannot be missed. The Sultan Hassan living room set (31,000LE) is
gorgeously designed and a perfect alternative to the traditional lounge pieces.
And for those in need of elegant dining room furniture, the Scheherazade set (41,000LE)
will not disappoint.

Prices are steeper than in many other
stores. However, one could also say that Pinocchio is in a league of its own
and therefore earns its pricetag. Costumers are essentially paying for unique and
functional pieces of art when they shop here and the quality of the workmanship
is superb. The store’s small size limits the collection to just a few pieces; so
while the sets are beautiful and intricately designed, there are only a few
available to look at.

Be sure to check out the store’s small
collection of linens and home décor as well.

360 Tip

If you buy sets and pay over 70,000LE; you will receive a discount of 15%.

Best Bit

Absolutely gorgeous furniture with a touch of Egyptian inspiration.

Worst Bit

Limited number of furniture pieces instore and steep prices.

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