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Stradivarius: Trendy, Affordable Women’s Wear at Citystars

  • CityStars, Omar Ibn El Khattab St.
  • Women's Wear
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Anne de Groot
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Stradivarius: Trendy, Affordable Women’s Wear at Citystars

It might seem that this shop is yet another
trendy, funky clothing brand targeting young women willing to
take fashion risks. Not that we can ever have enough of these shops, but the
concept is starting to get tired. However, Stradivarius is a bit different from
its counterparts. Located in Cairo’s Citystars, Stradivarius’ mission is to
make you feel like a Stradiva (their words, not ours); and quite honestly, who wouldn’t want to feel
like that?

Stradivarius is a women’s-only shop filled with
very moderately priced clothing, shoes and accessories. The best part about the shop is that a new collection comes in every six weeks; so the shop is always up-to-date
on the latest fashion trends.

Stradivarius is in good company on the first
floor of Phase 2; Mango, Vero Moda and Dalydress are all in view of the shop.
As soon as you step in you are welcomed by the loud beats pumping out of the
speakers. The shop is divided into illuminated and dark areas, which give a
nice, playful atmosphere but can be distracting if you’re trying to scrutinise
the small details in the clothing. The lighting’s other effect is that you want
to jump onto the highlighted items because they really stand out from the rest.

Stradivarius has a line of basics tops (99LE),
t-shirts (150LE and above), jeans (220LE) and leggings (80LE). The highlights of Stradivarius are the cute dresses and funky shirts. Since it is a Spanish brand, femininity is
written all over the designs. Most of the dresses are very short, though.

The collection for the month of May 2011 has a
lot of floral designs, animal prints and denim. Most dresses start at around
250LE and reach 500LE. The shop has quite an extensive collection of t-shirts
with funky designs and slogans. Though they are very cool, we are not really
sure how smart it is to walk around Cairo in a shirt that says ‘I want a Hug’. Most
printed shirts cost around 170LE.

If you are looking for knitwear, then Stradivarius
is really the place to go with vests starting at 129LE. Jackets start at 260LE,
which is a very moderate price compared to other international brands; but then
again bear in mind that the ‘leather’ jackets are faux leather, which is
understandable given their low price. Stradivarius uses cotton for most of its
designs and apart from the faux leather, most of the items are of good quality.

However, when it comes to the brand’s shoe
collection, it’s another story. Though
the shoes are moderately priced at around 300LE, most of the designs are of
poor quality, especially the high heels. Sneakers start at 460LE and are of
better quality, as are the boots, which start at 600LE.

Stradivarius has a small accessories section as
well with earrings, necklaces, hats and bracelets on offer. Though the
collection is pretty and dainty, it doesn’t differ that much from similar
women’s wear brands. The staff is really
friendly and leaves you to browse through the shop, though dressing rooms are a
bit small and cramped.

If you’re looking for cheap and trendy clothing and
don’t mind forfeiting quality for a better price, check out Stradivarius at

360 Tip

Stradivarius has a very active blog where you can keep up to date with the latest trends.

Best Bit

Up-to-date trendy collection of women’s wear.

Worst Bit

The dressing rooms are uncomfortably small.

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